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First day o' finding out personal interest. We were supposed to place different drawings, images, wordings, etc. , on three pin boards, depending on where they go. The pictures and wordings exhibited various events & objects. This was a useful activity as we had a broader understanding of how people express themselves.

First Thinking

What Excites me most in the Exhibition Unit?

The thing that excites me the most is that nearly all the knowledge that I learn, is showcased online, & not on paper. That is one way that I can explore my macbook lots more, as I don't use it at home much. Also, I can format my work in various ways, using different tools each time. Furthermore, I will learn something I am passionate about, that too, with people who share a similar interest. What's more, its a smaller group & therefore, easier to work with.

What opportunities do you think these will be for you to shine?

My presentation skills are one of my biggest strengths, as I am capable of speaking in a loud & clear voice, talking in a persuasive manner, and my work on the visuals are comprehensive. Additionally, I am good at coming up with creative ideas that will help contribute to our learning.

What will I have difficulty with?

I am not the best person when it comes to resolving arguments. If the group disagrees on something, I will have to put great effort to comprehend others' point of view, then calm 'em down, and help them understand what the others are saying.
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