Natives American's by paul nguyen

this is about native american's so we are going to this journey. How natives loose their land is because that when they see the land and it looks good they end up taking it away from the natives so they are somehow homeless that is how they lost their land. later on they also they took their riches because they were just taking their land so they look at their riches and were it is located so they try to go and fined it so that is how they lost their here is my thesis statement so i will be talking to you about how natives lost their land ,riches and how they got in to slavery. Some of them got put into slavery because they refused that they will lose their land if they refused that they lost their land they will get put into slavery and go try to escape but then they will kill you or you will kill your own kind . After that people just started to go and kill a lot of people at that time and a massacre went on a killing spree in the war so they were just killing all the people in the war so if they started the war they will go and get killed by a certain person if they all wanted to go start a war then they all get killed so then they end up getting killed . Europeans and colonists went on the land of the native Americans so they end up looking at their land and then they stole their land at that point and then they killed the people when gave the land . so the reason why the natives lost there land because the colonists or British they where looking for land and then they saw that their is land so then they decided to go on the land and check it out so they saw then they told each other on the ship lets take the land. so how most of the natives got into slavery so they did not let the colonists take their land so the brought them to a far area so they can not get back to their home so when the natives were free they got a chance to go and get away . if they get away in time they get to go and not to be a slave so they get to be with their family again and try not to get into slavery .

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