DDos Attack Definition denial of service attack definition

More accurately, your organization should be asking “what kind of DDoS services do we need?” As the threat vector has grown, your options have evolved to include two primary types of DDoS services. You could choose DDoS Prevention Services, which are provided by expert security teams, or DDoS Protection Services which typically consist of security apps.

DDos attack definition

DDoS prevention services are a managed IT security service which combines cutting-edge security technology with a team of expert DDoS analysts to detect, prevent, and mitigate DDOS attacks before they impact a client’s business. Dedicated analysts perform analysis on threats in real-time and apply proactive response techniques to redirect botnet traffic.

DDoS protection services typically consist of cloud-based software tools which are designed to detect threats and mitigate the impact. As DDoS attacks have evolved to include higher-volume and more sophisticated threats, organizations are increasingly combining DDoS protection with prevention to safeguard against attacks which are hard to detect or overwhelm the capabilities of protection apps.

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