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Once upon a time there was a woman who felt very un-confident, disconnected and unsure of what she needed or where to start figuring out how to change the way she felt.

...she wanted more ease in her life, self-assurance of who she is and to have the blocks removed from how to live her authentic life...

This woman is YOU


A woman who has Rewilded is a bonafide Wildling

A Wildling is a woman who is fully in her power
She follows her own counsel and questions everything.
She trusts her decision making process to guide her in what to let in and what not to let in.
What to give a full bodied yes to and what to send positive no’s too
She is whole and allows her truth, her desires; to lead the way.

What Is She Rewilding?

Rewilding is the self discussion and discovery process for getting clear on what’s really important in your life. It is the practice of becoming aware of your desires and allowing those desires to be your guidance system. Rewilding is the remembrance and the re-initiating yourself into the arms of your Wildling self. It’s the reintegrating of all of the parts of yourself that has been silenced, ignored and forgotten.

// It’s the reconnecting with your inner compass and the allowance to let it guide you to your truth
// It is you getting crystal clear on how you want to feel and how you can give yourself permission to let your WILD guide the way for how you show up in this world

The Rewilding Project

What if you had SO much trust in yourself to know what to do next that ALL anxiety around choosing was non-existent? What if clarity about what’s going on in your life showed up with ease and flow?

Maybe you are ready to take the next step in your life or biz but aren’t quite sure what that is.

Maybe you’re feeling like you need a little direction and are full of uncertainty.

Or maybe you feel like something is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

As women, we have an innate knowing that calls us to live in a way that is different from men.

It is a knowing that is our birthright and is embedded deep in our bones. It taps us gently (sometimes knocks us around a bit) to remind us of who we were before society told us how to be.

But things are changing..


...and I know you recognize it, YOU HEAR THE CALL, because you are here and you are ready to rise- fully rooted in the truth of who you really are and live that truth.

The call to trust your gut, your intuition, your body and the earth and to gather in circle to rediscover your magic and live it authentically.

It is the call to Rewild.


Rewild free gathering

Rewild is A FREE online sister circle style gathering that is held once a month to help you connect with your inner knowing and get a sense of what it’s like to sit in circle to call and call in your power. Click Here To Learn More

The Rewilding Project

The Rewilding Project is a 3 month, online sister circle style intimate gathering where you get clear on what’s most important in your life, how you want to feel and what your next steps are to have the life + biz you desire. Click Here To Learn More

Wild Clarity Sessions

You’ll love these 45 minute sister circle style round table session where you get clear on one things that is challenging you right now. You’ll get support from your Wildling sisters and you’ll give support. Click Here To Learn More

Join The She Rewilding Community. Here we have conversations that spark the remembrance of who we were before we forgot, so we can live in our authenticity. Click Below To Join!

Join The She Rewilding Community

Hey There. Have We Met? I'm Aja, an avocado eating, moon loving, minimalistic living, priestess providing Conversations That Ignite Your Authentic Lifestyle. I look forward to holding space for you in your Rewilding and becoming open to receive the divine guidance for your life. I invite you to start reconnecting with your Wild by sitting in circle with me <3
Conversation For Wildlings


On the She Rewilding blog, I share my personal journey of intentional living, herbs, moon manifesting and witchy stuff. It is my vision, the way I do things. Know that all I share is my experience and my practice.


She Rewilding Podcast: Conversations that ignite your Self-Discussion, Self-Discovery & Self-Delight

Wild Free Stuff // The Rewilding Project // Wild Clarity Sessions // Wildling Community

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