VeraBrilla Sarai diaz

We want our company to portray satisfaction. Customer service is the main role in maintaining a company running and not only do we want to show that we want it to be a part of our company. We want customers to feel as if they were part of the products success.
We want our buyers to feel satisfied with the quality of our shampoo product. When customers use our product we want them to feel as if they have new, cleaner, and shinier hair. Unlike any other products we want VeraBrilla to not only make a customers hair shiny for a little while we want them to have a long-lasting shine.

My new company will be located just outside of Kissimee, Florida. In an open land a small company building will begin and may develop into a greater one if necessary.

Magazines all over will display this original ad. Magazines such as People, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and Glamour will display this ad and introduce it to consumers

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