Why school start times should stay the same Made by: Ben Rost

Do you hit snooze on your alarm in the morning? i do. more sleep would be nice but why not just get the day over with to have time for other things?

Average School start times around the US are 7:40-8:00AM


  • If school starts later not all parents will be able to take their kids to school
  • Bus routes & hours would have to be changed, causing problems in budget and traffic
  • Younger children waiting for buses without supervision is dangerous
26 Million kids take the bus to school in the US

After school ACTIVITIES/sports

  • Later start times would cause later release times
  • Sport practices would last later into the evening or be shortened
  • Not enough time for homework or other things to do in the evening

Evening jobs

  • After school students wont be able to have credible hours if school lastes longer
  • Some teachers have after school jobs as well to make extra money
  • If school were to go later into the evening students and even teachers wouldn't be able to get hours many sometimes need.
Teen Jobs

I DO AGREE THAT MORE SLEEP WOULD BE GREAT, GETTING UP IN THE MORNING IS HARD BUT I DO BELIEVE THAT GETTING THE DAY OVER WITH IS THE WAY TO GO. It is students RESPONSIBILITY to be present to school and absences could increase if no transportation to school.

Final Thoughts

  • More sleep would be great but think about all the problems later start times will cause
  • Think about kids that have after school jobs or even teachers that cant get credible hours
  • Family time at the end of the day is important for your health
  • After school activities or sports shouldn't last until dark or dinner time.


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