Character and point of view By: Logan, Krystin, Omar, Ashton

Warm Up

Look around the room and find somebody that is the complete opposite from yourself. Write at least 5 words to describe that person, then write 5 more words that you think that person would use to describe you.

You have 5 minutes to complete this.

(completed on the Ipad on a blank page in Notability)

This warm up involves character description by looking at a person and being able to describe them from their appearance.


Crazy, nice, lazy --- you may use words like these to describe people around you. You may not realize it, but you learn about people’s qualities, or traits, by observing the way they look, talk, and act. For example a new neighbor probably wouldn't introduce herself by saying “Hi, I’m shy.” Instead you would infer this trait by noticing her soft smile and shy eyes.

Most of the times the author won’t directly tell you what the character is like, instead they would want you to use the way he/she presents that character to then infer what he/she is like. Characters in the same book are not always all the same. They vary from appearance, ability to do things, and personality. Character traits are what make people different. Though, you may have some of the same traits as others, not everything is the same. Characters can change their attitude or behavior throughout the book. For example Charley from "The Soldier's Heart" changed from an innocent boy to a man that was scarred from war. He has huge change, not physically but emotionally.

Notes to copy on a blank paper in notability

Characters are defined by the way they look, act, and talk. (watch a clip from Princess and the frog). Princess Tiana finally opened her diner that she waited her whole life for. Using this clip you can tell Tiana is strong-willed, a hard worker, and self motivated.

Now use this video of Beauty and the Beast to describe Gaston in 5 words.


Create a fakebook (sheet of paper with template passed out.) Number them off 1-5 to assign the person for the fakebook.

Cinderella, 2. Mulan, 3. Snow White, 4. Rapunzel, 5. Elsa

The person that you are assigned you will make a fakebook for.

You have 15 minutes to complete this.

Make sure the pictures or comments is something they would say based on their traits, appearance, or behavior.


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