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I am a motivated young adult looking to further my career in Therapeutic Recreation. I am a very caring person who has the ability to both work alone and as part of a team with a drive for excellence and improvement for myself, my company and my clients. I have worked multiple jobs in both urban and rural environments giving me experience in a multitude of areas such as: retail, agriculture, mechanical, church ministry, construction, youth work, disability care, office work, education, pest management and music tuition. with such a large spread of experience in over 10 different industries and more than 6 years disability care experience, I bring a wide range of experience and a wealth of skills. I am sure I can fill the position you are looking for, adding value in unique ways and even add some value that you didn't know you needed.

Career Plan

I aim to work as a Recreational Therapist in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, helping the elderly age with holistic quality of life. This is most commonly outworked in Nursing homes, but I would like to eventually open my own private practice, housing a team of health professionals driven to work cohesively to create seamless lifestyle based therapy that helps the aging engage with their world, without taking them out of it.

What is Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy is in simplest terms, practical psychology. It recognises and utilises the therapeutic benefits of recreational activities to increase, maintain or renew biopsychosocial well being. This can be applied to a wide variety of people, environments and industries.

Why do you need a Recreational Therapist in your company?

TR is a health service role that understands how recreational activities affect a person's health. This can be applied in a team management application by using health understanding to improve team moral, resolve conflict and create team cohesion which can improve a company's productivity dramatically.

What skills are needed to be an effective Recreational Therapist?

Program planning: a TR is specialised in taking personal data and translating that into a tailored program based on therapeutic outcomes.

Empathy: TR's have a deep understanding of human biology and psychology, along with professional communication skills that brings out effective, empathetic interviewing that conducive to positive, therapeutic outcomes.

Client Centred: In a world of capitalist corporations, a business creating personalised therapeutic outcomes for their customers, regardless of the industry, will have an edge over the competition that customers will come back for.

Interpersonal Skills: TR's have extensive training in professional team based partnerships and collaborations giving them the ability to work effectively in any team.

About me

I was born in a rural town in NSW called Dubbo. I completed my schooling at Dubbo Christian School where I attained a Higher School Certificate. As an adult I moved to Sydney, completed a Cert IV in Christian Ministry and Theology, moved back to Dubbo for 2 years, Then moved back to Sydney to Complete the Diploma component of my Qualification. After completing this, I returned to Dubbo to work before seeing Health science as the Qualification that best matches me. in 2016 I moved back to Sydney to complete my study in Therapeutic Recreation.

I go to church every week and am involved in the ministry team, I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and I work on cars in my spare time. I also like to keep up an active social life.


S Lovegrove

U1 Nirimba Education Precinct Eastern Rd Quakers Hill, NSW 2763

T: 0468638946 E:


I am a young, energetic, loving male that is seeking employment within the care work industry. I have had over 5 years of experience working with people that have needed assistance from children with troubled backgrounds right through to adults with mental and physical disabilities and everything in between. I was born and grew up in Dubbo NSW where I attended Dubbo Christian School. I lived in Sydney in 2011 where I did my cert IV in Christian ministry and theology then returned to Sydney in 2014 to complete the diploma component of the same course. I am currently Studying a Diploma of Health Science and looking for some casual work to pay my way through my study. I would be willing to work where ever the right job for me is. Have a look through my credentials and I’m sure you will find I am the person you are looking for your role.


Eagle boys Dubbo 5/2010-8/2013

Casual delivery driver. Duties include transport, cash handling, cooking, cleaning, customer service.

Breakthru Dubbo 3/2010-1/2016

Casual Transition Support Consultant. Supporting clients, running life skills programs, running community participation programs, cooking, transportation, conflict resolution, safety, teaching.

Pegasus Lane Cove Sydney 7/2011-4/2015

Agency replacement support worker, have worked for numerous organizations as part of my work with Pegasus such as: royal far west, impact youth services, catholicare, sunny haven, etc. experience includes: adapting to knew workplace environments on a regular basis, establishing relationship with team members, swiftly figuring out strategy for care towards various and changing clients on a regular basis, following given organizations standards, ethics and policy as it would change at every different job site. Personal care, safety of clients, staff and public, conflict resolution, liaising, relating to clients on their level, disability support, lifting, operation of various disability support apparatus, counseling of young persons, cooking, cleaning and various household duties, transportation, liaising between clients, staff, organizations, emergency services, general public, various local businesses and Pegasus. Encouragement of various clients and seeing the positives within them to help bring them up to be the best person they can be. Supporting various clients including aged, physically disabled, mentally disabled, youth and children of difficult backgrounds, people of aboriginal and Torres straight islander decent.


Year 12 graduate at DCS 1997-2009

subjects included IPT, Agriculture, standard English, General math’s, Physics

Diploma of Christian ministry and Theology


Computer literacy, disability knowledge and experience, customer service, leadership,


Paul Hausia

Relationship: Manager of Breakthru People Solutions Dubbo

Work number: (02) 6884 5151 Mob: 0423552312

Professional Competencies

TR is a specialised, professional field that requires specific skills but also generic yet refined professional qualities. Professional competencies are attributes and skills that a person possesses that determine their effectiveness within a professional environment. some competencies include written, verbal and non verbal, and electronic communication skills, negotiation skills, conflict management, team building, self awareness, listening skills, tact, initiative, prioritisation, delegation and decisiveness. some competencies I am looking to improve in are, time management, project management and initiative. I have been slowly working on these skills through my university degree where I have deadlines, projects and appointments just like the professional world. My engagement in effective student conduct will help ready me for the future workplace. I currently possess effective communication skills, conflict management skills, listening skills and tact. engaging in university placements along with organising my own, relevant volunteer work will help increase my competencies and thus make me more work ready upon completion of my degree.

ethics and values

Within all professional fields, a strict code of ethics must be adhered to and TR is no exception. All TR professionals must display all categories of ethics at all times. Beneficence is the first area. This is a commitment to ensuring all actions made will benefit the client. Secondly, non-maleficence is the simple concept the above all else, do no harm. Autonomy is preserving and protecting a patient’s right to make their own informed choices. Justice is ensuring fairness in regards to service distribution and quality of service, regardless of race, gender, culture, etc. Fidelity is an attitude of faithfulness towards the patient as they deserve consistency of care. Veracity is not only honesty, but also ensuring the patient is empowered with the whole truth. Informed consent is the provision of information from the professional to the patient in order for the patient to make up their own mind about their choice to receive a treatment. Confidentiality and privacy is the responsibility to disclose information to a patient that has been collected about them, and not unnecessarily disclosing personal information to third parties. Competence is the commitment to continual learning and providing only the most recent, relevant and evidence based treatments available. Finally, compliance is providing care that is in line with legislative policy. I see all of these areas as highly important to the TR field and I intend to express each one of these, every single day of my working life to the best of my ability.

Future professional goals

My recent work placement at Opal Aged Care: Quakers Hill Nursing Home has given me valuable experience that I can now take over towards furthering my career. During my placement, I was offered a job by Opal which shows me that the quality of volunteer that you bring can have a larger impact than just your studies. I now see volunteer work as a valuable asset towards building your desired career. Displaying effective soft skills at all times, such as empathy, communication, professionalism, strategic thinking, initiative and many others, has a large effect on the value that you bring and the value to which you are perceived. This placement has helped me understand the power I have outside of job interviews to affect my employability and secure for myself a job even before any formal interview takes place. On the other hand, this placement showed me how much I still have to learn in applying therapies into patients’ lives in a meaningful and evidence based way. Looking forward, I am transferring into Occupational Therapy so I will be looking for OT specific volunteer work to further expose areas of need in my professional portfolio relevant to that area so that by the time I graduate, I am on the cutting edge of professional skills, education and experience in order to be eligible for tomorrow’s workplace.

Professional exposure

Professional exposure is the bringing to light of different professional avenues, skills and colleagues and of the professional to the workplace. I have many different areas of experience that add to my total professional exposure. with seven years’ experience in disability care, I have gained exposure to the health industry. Caring for the disabled gave me great insight into what it is to improve someone's wellbeing through your occupation. A secondary benefit gained was the professional contacts gained in this time. Both of these, in conjunction are a valuable asset to my future career. Looking forward, in conjunction with my studies, I intend to gain some volunteer work in prospective fields to gain experience, make contacts, and better judge the specific area of work best suited to me. This will help give me advanced standing over my peers in job readiness and employability.

Jobs in TR

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