The Seven Seas of Loneliness For when you're alone on the stormy seas

You are a brave pirate who sails the seven seas in search of treasure. But even the greatest of pirates have to protect their ships and comrades from the troubles at sea.

They can appear out of nowhere and try to destroy your ship!

Sea monsters can be very frightening, especially if you're alone. It's important to remember there is always other people who can help you win the battle.

  • You shouldn't feel frightened to talk to anyone about your feelings.
  • The easiest way to tackle your bad feelings is to pretend they are your shadow.
  • If you feel nervous or unwell in a big crowd of people it's probably your shadow trying to tell you something's wrong.
  • Worrying whether your friends like you or not isn't silly.
  • If you ever feel left out or like your friends don't want you there don't worry!
  • There are lots of people, even your friends, that feel the same way.
Even the biggest ships can get damaged in a storm! Pirates do everything they can to protect it! You must learn how to protect yours.

The weather can change at any moment!

The storm clouds are like your shadow, they are a part of you and will never really go away. They are a part of who you are and you have to learn like any great pirate how to fight them off!

  • If you are starting to feel lonely, you could try talking to new people who like the same things as you
  • Talking to someone who likes the same tv show or book as you can make you feel less alone and happier
  • If you're worried about your friends not liking you, talk to them about! They probably don't know how you're feeling and will try harder to be good friends
  • Anxiety can be very scary, just like storms when you're out at sea. Don't worry, the storm will always pass and you will survive!
The best pirates must always have the best amor and knowledge to protect themselves. Arm yourself, Matey!

First thing to remember: DO NOT BE SCARED!

All pirates need to learn the best ways to defend themselves; and so do you! It might be hard to control when the waves are high but as long as practise these tips, you can do anything!

  • To help with anxiety you can name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste
  • To help yourself calm down, you can do something called THE FLOP. This is when you pretend your arms and have lost their bones and have turned to jelly
  • If you're still feeling sick after this, try these next four steps:
  1. RELAX : Breathe in and out deeply
  2. LET YOUR PIRATE TAKE CONTROL : Shout 'STOP' loudly in your head
  3. THINK NICE THOUGHTS : Think of things like 'It will be over quicker if I just relax' or 'I'm in control' or 'You're not the boss of me"
  4. LOVE YOURSELF : Maybe you find having these panic attacks embarrassing, you shouldn't. Speak to someone like a family member, friend or teacher. Everyone, even the best pirates, have feelings of what we call anxiety and loneliness. You've just got to know how to fight them off.
There is still a long journey ahead to find your treasure! But don't worry, the most important part is to always follow your map and have fun! Every pirate has to face stormy seas but it will always calm down and you will get through it!

How To Ask Your Fellow Pirates For Help!

All pirates have bad days and you shouldn't be scared to reach out for help. If you don't feel like you're ready to speak to someone there are plenty of online sites which can give you advice of how to help if you're feeling nervous or lonely.


The real treasure is being able to live happily and away from the worries of loneliness and anxiety! Look after your ship and yourself! There will always be sea monsters to battle and storms to sail but as long as you follow your map, you'll always survive to sail another day!

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