Sabrina Medina Genius Hour PHOTOGRAPHY

i decide to focus on photography because their is something about it i can't explain i enjoy taking picture making memories.i can show people how i see things how i see the world. this is important to me because i want to show people what i can do,how i can change something

I've learn that my topic was a lot hared and changeling than i thought it was but i really enjoyed doing it and having a changeling topic. I've learn how much i enjoyed it and exploring new things. i used google to help me how to make a portfolio so i can show my work. i'm learning on how i want to make a portfolio and what i want to say on it .

I've learn that my topic is not that hard i was just overthinking it. i'm going to used this website make a new page .i'm still learning how i should do it and how to do it.i'm getting excited and can't wait to start getting things set up and get ready for my project. i used google and searched and it show my how to set up things and how i should do it.i'm going to try to get thing set up and make a page i have to learn how to put picture on

I've have learn how i should set up my portfolio and what to say and how to put picture on here and just getting thing together. I've have learn what i like taking picture of i focus more on nature,landscapes,and modeling.this week i use spark.adobe because i'm making my portfolio on here and i learn how to set everything up. from here i'm going to start setting thing up putting thing together.

i have the picture together but i really don't know what to say i'm going to wing it and i'm just not sure what to talk about . but i do have what i want on here, i have used landscape, people, animals,i guess nature. honestly i want a little upset doing this i really never saw how much stress their was in this. But there is,you have to have time to take picture also to edit them and find the one that you think are going to catch people attention. also on top of that figuring out what you are going to say to people. but over all this was a great project i have ever done.


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