Dodgeball Olympics Westview high's annual tradition

Westview’s Dodgeball Olympics is an annual post-finals December tradition in its 8th year. It is one of the most anticipated events on campus every year. Anyone can create a team — staff, students, clubs, athletes, etc. The teams dress up in themes and take the competition very seriously! Westview had 28 teams participate this year-roughly 300 participants. The whole school comes out to watch at lunchtime and packs the stands in the gym. The tournament started December 4th and concluded with the final matches on December 14th. No staff teams made it to the finals this year, but the last team standing and crowned dodgeball champs was OGN “Original Good News.”

Scroll down to see more photos of this awesome event (if you're viewing on your device, make sure to turn it horizontally to see the full images).

Team huddle before the match begins.
ASB President Nathan Xia also served as color commentator.
The Speech and Debate team wore neckties and went by the team name "Speech and Debodgeball."
Competitors were fast on their feet!
Semi-finalists BDB "Big Dodgeballer Brand."
Referees, including Mr. Bowers, maintained an eagle eye on the matches.
The action was fast and furious.
Always good sportsmanship.
Finalists modeling the coveted Champion T-shirts.
Congratulations to Dodgeball Olympics Champions: Team "OGN"
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