“You’ll never get over it, you don't want to”, Davidson said, “It changes you.”

Randall Davidson brings roses to his wife Megan's grave every Sunday. “Roses symbolize love," Davidson said.

“There’s a part of me that hasn’t accepted it," Davidson said. Randy has been left to raise their eight-year-old son, Drew, while still living with the grief of losing the love of his life.

Megan and Randy's eight-year-old son Drew whispering to his dad. After Randy's weekly visit to the cemetery, he spends Sundays at Megan's parents' house with Drew. “He’s closer to me now than ever," Davidson said.

Megan died on July 27th 2019 from a fatal car accident. Her death, effected the lives of all 2,000 people who showed up to her funeral service. Megan was a wife, mother, nurse, church minister, athlete, and was loved by everyone she met.

Megan and Randall met while they were working in the E.R. together, got married in Jamaica in 2008, and had their son Drew in 2011. "On our first date we just drove around and talked," Davidson said, "I fell for her so hard."

Drew taking a break from his video game to look at pictures of him and his mom. “Every time Megan was on the couch trying to relax, Drew would always jump up on her and try to get her attention. He loves his mom," Davidson said.

After the death of his mother, Drew has had to find a new comfort in Randall and in Megan’s parents. He chooses to spend every weekend in Tompkinsville with his grandparents. "She loved being Drew's mom," Davidson said.

Megan Davidson passed away unexpectedly at age 34, leaving her husband to raise their 8-year-old son. Randy has experienced signs that Megan is still with him. “When I came home last night there was a single curly hair on my bathroom sink that wasn’t there before," Davidson said.

“He gets frustrated at times because he is missing his mom, but there is no replacement," Davidson said. With constant help from extended family, Drew has consistency with people he knows.

Prior to Megan’s passing, she helped start up the towns first Mobile Grocery, which delivered fresh groceries to food deserts in Bowling Green. On October 16th, Broadway United Methodist Church gathered together to rename the bus, Megan’s Mobile Grocery. This would have been Megan’s 35th birthday.

The Broadway United community celebrating the money raised for Megan's Mobile Grocery. “I was never a church go-er until she pushed me in that direction, but I wish I would have gotten involved sooner," Davidson said.

Broadway United was where Megan found her passion. “She loved what she was doing at that church,” Davidson said. Megan was a devoted Christian, who dedicated much of her life to serving others.

Ever sense the death of his mother, Drew has become anxious when he doesn’t know where his dad is at all times. “He’s latched onto me now more than ever," Davidson said. “At eight years old, you don’t see beyond your next birthday."

The Davidson home is filled with photographs of Megan, Randy, and Drew. “You can see in his face, picture after picture, how much he loves his mom and how much his mom loves him," Davidson said.

“I promised her I would raise him the way she wanted," Davidson said. Randy tries to keep the same traditions in the house that Megan set in place.

Megan wrote in a photo album for Drew, "To my son. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the man I know you can be." Mom.

On November 16th, the Bowling Green community raised 20,000$ for Megan’s Mobile Grocery through a 5k race downtown. Runners wore shirts with Megan’s favorite quote, “We can do hard things."

Randy embraces his son at a church service at Broadway United honoring Megan. Randy still continues to attend every Sunday at Broadway, and has support from church members who were also close to Megan. “I want people to remember her," Davidson said.

“There was a point where Drew got tired during the race and wanted to quit, and I asked him, 'what does your shirt say?' It says, 'we can do hard things.' Now pick up and keep going," Davidson said.

Drew being congratulated at his football banquet by Randy after receiving a trophy. Although Randy works busy days at the E.R as a doctor, he has recently been making more time for his son. Megan was typically the who attended Drews' sporting events. “He got his looks, his athletic ability, and his intelligence all from his mom," Davidson said.

“Her running partners knew her tenacity, her mom friends knew her motherly side, her close friends knew a side of Megan that most didn’t. I may be wrong but I like to think I knew all of them.”

Every night, Randy reads bedtime stories and says prayers with Drew. “He’s the reason I’m still breathing," Davidson said.