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Anne Geddes was born in 1956. She is still living today.
She specializes in infant photography and pregnancy photography.
Geddes uses lots of color and creativity in her pictures. She makes the baby stand out, blend in, or be the center of attention.
Geddes started as a free lance photographer. Her work "cabbage kids" got her famous. She sells millions of books, calendars, and photos.
Anne Geddes uses medium frame digital cameras to create her work. She uses a larger zoom lens or a wide angle lens.
She uses studio lighting with LED lights. The babies are fragile and making them sit in the sun for awhile is not good for them. She uses LED lights to make it easier in photoshop.
Geddes was inspired by herself. She took the pictures for her own self enjoyment and for others.
Anne Geddes is 60 years old and is still taking photographs. She was one of the first photographers to use babies as art. Her latest release was a 2015 baby calendar.
I love the creativity she has in every picture she has taken. I chose her because her photographs are unique and colorful.


Anne Geddes

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