Stories Of Our Town By:Lauryn

Do you know what was going on in Aylmer in 1909 and 1932? If you are curious you should read this. You can learn so much! Even about a boiler.

Did you know a boiler exploded in 1909? It was on a Tuesday evening. The fire destroyed the plant,light and shoe store. The microfilm shows us that it was called a disastrous conflagration. The newspaper date is October 14th page six. It's very different today because we don't use candles anymore and back then they had to use burning sticks of wax. Today businesses don't use candles anymore now that there's furnaces around. Disastrous conflagration, The Aylmer Express, October 14th, 1909, Page six, Microfilm.

Boiler exploded.

Did you know there used to be a whole bunch graveyards and cemeteries in Aylmer? The archives website shows us that there's 26 cemeteries in the Aylmer area. Some of them are called st.Peter's cemetery and st.Helen's cemetery and a lot more. St.Peter's is located at 29625 Lakeview Aylmer, Ontario. St.Helen's cemetery is located at 28291 Thomson line Aylmer,Ontario. Now, our largest cemetery isn't even in town. Aylmer History,1909,2012,30,Elgin County vertical file collection Elgin County Archives,Aylmer library,March 2nd 2017

Graveyards and cemeteries.

Did you know there is an old church called the Methodist church in Aylmer? The Methodist is still standing but somebody just took part of the top off. People took it off because it was too old and dangerous. The postcard book shows us that there was an upper part of the church long ago. Did you know the Methodist church was built in 1932.1990-024-0001,Aylmer museum,postcard #1 feb,28th 2017.

Methodist church.

If you liked what you read,go to the Aylmer library to find out more. You can research on computers,books or microfilm!

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