Alternative Energy written by ALYX AND SIERRA

There are many types of alternative energy. One way to remember them all, is to use BiGWiSH (B- biofuels) i (G- geothermal) (W- wind) i (S- solar) (H- hydroelectric) Here are the definitions to these Alternative energy's.

BIOFUELS- Biofuels is the first Alternative energy in BiGWiSH. Biofuels means decayed plants that are left in the soil for millions of years to be found and turned into energy.

This plant is a part of what makes a biofuel.

GEOTHERMAL- Geothermal is the next alternative energy. Geothermal means energy that is heated from the earth. GEO is the latin word for earth, and THERMAL means heat.

WIND- Wind is movement in the air using wind turbines.Each turbine has three blades.The turbines are generated by a motor that moves the blades to make more wind.

This is a wind turbine.

SOLAR- Solar energy is energy from the sun, that comes down on to Earth and on to our solar panels that create electricity.

This is a solar panel that creates electricity or solar energy

HYDROELECTRIC- the pressure of moving water such as a hydroelectric dam or water barrier to create electricity

Hydroelectric dam

Alternative energy is an energy that does not cause harm to the environment by avoiding fossil fuels and nuclear power

In conclusion, alternative energy is a great way to save fossil fuels without harming the environment or polluting the air.

Alternative energy


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