TFA Timeline alannah forman, Brian yang, Charlotte lopiccolo, sydney marchand

Okonkwo gains fame "throwing" the Cat.

Unoka died of swelling of which caused him to be banished to the Evil Forest to rot. He died without a title.

Okonkwo asks Nwakibie for yam seeds.

Okonkwo tried to harvest his seeds but the weather did not corporate. There was a drought and then non-stop rain.

A Mbaino man killed a wife of Umuofia

The woman of Umuofia was killed at a market place

Ikemefuna, the son of one of the killers and a virgin were sacrificed in order to avoid war.

Ikemefuna becomes comfortable with Okonkwo's family and feels apart of it. He becomes Nwoye's role model.

Peace week starts and Okonkwo fails to to remain peaceful by beating his wife. He has to send offerings to the Gods.

Feast of New Yams begins. Tribe members ask Gods for successful harvest.

Okonkwo beats his second wife and shoots at her for taking leaves from the banana tree.

Massive wrestling tournament where Okafo appears victorious in the main event.

Ogbuefi Ezeudu informs Okonkwo that Ikemefuna must die by order of the Oracle. He warns him not to help with the killing.

Okonkwo and other tribe members go into the woods and kill Ikemefuna. Okonkwo is the one to kill Ikemefuna regardless of Ogbuefi's warning This action puts Okonkwo into depressing and mourning for days.

Okonkwo speaks with Obierka about his daughter's wedding and the in-laws come to bid for her bride's price.

Okonkwo finally begins to work again after his depression caused by the killing of Ikemefuna.

Enzima becomes ill with iba supposedly because she is an ogbanje who is reborn many times to torture her mother. They had found her iyi-uwa when she was nine and thought she was here to stay but, this illness may prove differently.

There is a trial between Uzowulu and Odukwe over Uzowulu's wife who went back to her family because she was beaten. Evil Forest rules that Uzowulu must beg for his wife back and bring the family palm wine. Then, they must let her go.

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