Florida Museum of Natural History Madison Berardo


My favorite part of the Florida Museum of Natural history was the Butterfly Rainforest. Butterflies are interesting insects. They have a very detailed life. They start as a caterpillar, then cocoon and turn into a butterfly. The exhibit looked like an actual rainforest, and the butterflies were everywhere, literally. On the day that I went to the museum, it was cold and a tad bit windy. The workers said that the butterflies probably wouldn't be out on a day like today, but we were still welcome to go check it out. My friend and I walked in, and the butterflies were still everywhere. Some would sit on the floor, land on the signs or hang upside down on the leaves. Other butterflies would fly very close to us. My favorite part of the trip to the museum was seeing all the types of the butterflies. The most commonly seen butterfly in the exhibit appears to just be brown on the outside. However, when it flies, their wings are a bright royal blue color. This reminded me again that not everything is what it seems to be.

Nature on Display

The Florida Museum of Natural History provided me with the experience that Leopold believes. In a way, I felt like i shouldn't be in the rainforest. That was a place made for the butterflies and the birds in their to fly freely and live as they are supposed to. There was an abundance of different butterflies all just doing as they please. I felt as if I was almost intruding on them. I admired how the butterflies would land and then sit on the floor. There was this one butterfly that kept flying very close to each person in the exhibit. There were two older women in the exhibit that were extremely fascinated by the birds in the bird house. There was also two very young kids who were laying on the ground staring at the butterflies. My time in the museum made me realize that everything around me is some kind of habitat and I should respect the needs of those in that place.

Nature and Ethics

One of my favorite things to do, on and off campus is eno. I lay in my eno while studying or doing homework and just let the world pass me by. After visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History, reminded me that I am just one of the many things that is on this earth. Each living thing has their own way of life. Whether it's plants doing photosynthesis, caterpillars evolving into butterflies or a student going about their daily lives, we all have a different way of doing things. It is important to respect the needs of others and be aware of all thats going on in the world.

Nature and the Human Spirit

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