Of Mice and Men by: kenneth morgan

"But not us! an' why? Because... because i got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and thats why". shows that they care for each other so they stick together.
"we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres". George talks about a small place that he wants.
"Tell about what we're gonna have in the garden". this kind of talks about the garden they will have on the farm.

The American Dream- George and Lennie are different from other ranchers because they are Ranchers who actually traveled together. I would honestly be shocked about two ranchers traveling together too because he rarely ever happens. George and Lennie are working on a farm because they one day would like to own a farm.

"Against the walls were eight bunks, five of them made up with blankets and other three showing their burlap ticking". shows a picture or bunks.
"The bunkhouse was a long, rectangular building". picture of a bunkhouse
"He's my... cousin" this a picture of what i thought could possibly be some type of boss

Setting- The bunkhouse was a long, rectangular building. In the inside, the walls were "whitewashed" and the floor was unpainted. there are small windows. There is a door with a wooden latch. It also had eight bunks. The bunkhouse was basically in a very bad condition. In chapter one George and Lennie slept on the ground outside and since the bunkhouse is in terrible condition it could be just as bad. Life on the ranch might be hard because a couple of old workers have quit. George lies to the boss about Lennie because he really wants the job so both of them can have a farm one day. He called him his cousin so maybe the boss would make an acceptation.

"well, he better watch out for Lennie". "Lennie ain't no fighter, but Lennie strong and quick and Lennie don't know no rules" the picture of the baby represent Curley and the hand is Lennie's hand showing Curley isn't big enough
"S'pose Curley jumps a big guy and licks him". "Everybody says what a game guy Curley is". This picture just simply represent Curley hitting Lennie.
"You try to keep away from him, will you". This picture represents George telling Lennie to stay away from Curley.

Conflict- I think Curley is just a jealous little person who is mad at big people because he isn't that big. Curley fought Lennie because he feels that since he is little he thinks if he fights big people it will make up for him being little and it will also show he isn't jus some little person. I think George and Lennie get nervous when Curley comes around because he always wants trouble. George tells Lennie to stay away from Curley at all times because he could get them in trouble. I think it is good advice because if he stays away from him that means he will stay away from trouble.

this picture represent slim. In the picture the man looks to be sad about something. Slim seems positive but something could deeply be wrong with him

Loneliness- In my opinion one character in the book that represents loneliness is Candy. He is a "useless" old man. All he has a dog that is now dead, which leaves him by himself. The next character i think is lonely is Slim because he seems like the type that doesn't like to be around that many people. I think candy should go and raise on of Slims dogs pups, that way he can have a new dog. I think Slim should play cards or go into town with other ranchers to release any pain he might have inside.

This picture represents candy. Candy doesn't have anyone. He had a dog for very many years. But that dog was old and useless and it was in terrible condition. Carlson shot the dog for Candy. Now candy is by himself.


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