Climate Change Will Bring Wetter Storms in U.S., Study Says TATIANA SCHLOSSBERG

Summary: For years, scientists have predicted that climate change will lead to more storms causing flash floods, landslides, and other natural disasters. Recent studies have shown that heavy precipitation will become more frequent and also intensify throughout the continental United States if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the levels they are at. They believe will also bring regional variations will take place across the country as well. This study, which was completed by scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, shows that intense storms are likely to become five times as frequent as they are now producing up to 70 percent more rain in areas such as the Northeast and Gulf Coast. Although regions such as the Pacific Northwest will become drier on average, the rainfall will only intensify, which will likely lead to droughts and flash floods, as a relate of growing atmospheric humidity. Effects of climate change are already evident in weather patterns, and this research as built "confidence in our previous work and adds to the urgency that this is the sort of thing we need to pay attention to," according to Dr. Kevin E. Trenberth, a senior researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Analysis: While the entire country may not be affected directly by the findings of this study, it is clear that this is something we need to be aware of and work towards fixing. It is obvious that global warming will continue to have immense effects on our environment but will also impact our infrastructure and economy. Storms and natural disasters as described in this article are not something to take lightly: it is likely they will produce large scale damage on communities all over the United States. It is important for us to recognize and prepare for this, as well as work towards limiting climate change by monitoring our own actions.

Takeaway: This article stood out to me in the first place because I became anxious to learn about what kind of damage climate change could be causing in the future of our planet. My sister worked on a study for OSR looking at changing water levels as a result of climate change, so I recognize how important the effects of global warming are on the hydrologic system. While this is not a problem that can easily be solved, we have to be conscious of it so that we can do our part in limiting our use of gases harmful to the environment. In the future, I would like to know more about how this study is continuing to develop and play out, and what sort of ideas scientists may have about finding a solution.

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