personal project HSC Design 2018

Task given: Week 5 Term 2

Task due: Week 4 Term 3

Your Personal Project is a design project of your own choosing. This means that you will construct the brief and execute the work with minimal supervision.

Areas of design practice for a 'Personal Project' can include, but are not restricted to; the following:

  • Applied arts, Architecture, Communication design, Data visualisation, Fashion design, Game design, Graphic design, Information design, Industrial design, Instructional design, Interaction design, Interior design, Landscape, Lighting design, Multimedia design, Product design, Process design, Publications, Service design, Software design, Sound design, Transition design, Urban design and Web design.
This is the last task for 2018.

The documentation process will be determined by the type of project undertaken. For the most part however, use the following as a guide;

  • Develop a project concept.
  • Construct a brief for the project. (if using the sample briefs provided, use as a guide and use only what is applicable)
  • Where applicable construct a timeline (Gantt chart); see example
  • Where materials are involved; construct a costings proposal.
  • Document research that investigates what has been developed by other designers in your chosen area.
  • Document the development of your proposal (photographs or screen shots).
  • Include the documentation and / or the completed project in your Portfolio.
  • Complete the project and present it in a manner consistent with your brief.
Sample design briefs can be found on the school intranet at;

Student-data (\\WYNDHAMCOL-H1) (Q:) Yr 12 Visual Design 2018, Personal Project.

or download from the following links;

sample projects
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