The True Leader Richard Padre

As Fox and Falco were traveling through the Lylat System, Falco Lombardi asked Starfox's leader, "Fox! Why're you the leader huh? I'm smarter AND faster than you!" Then, Fox McCloud took this as a challenge and replied "Oh yeah Falco? Let's go to Corneria. We'll see who's superior." And so the two landed on Corneria and began their great race. Turns out they weren't alone...
Even though Fox felt confident, that confidence slowly drifted away- just as Falco had drifted ahead of him! He mumbled to himself, "There's no way I can lose to a dumb bird- but wait.. who.. is that?" As Fox glanced ahead of Falco, he noticed another blue figure in the distance who was ahead of the both of them.
Falco was ahead of Fox, and he felt the qualities of leadership dwelling inside of him-but he was ahead of himself as well! He noticed the quicker blue before him; he was moving so fast that Falco could not name the figure. He assumed that someone else wanted to steal his true throne at the top of Starfox's team! He could not let that happen. It was a match between him and Fox only.
As the two members of Starfox's team caught up to one another, they identified who the ominous figure before them was. It was Sonic the Hedgehog! But, both of them did not give in. They knew one of them had to be the leader-not some hedgehog. Sonic was fast-but they were faster(at least they thought).
Fox and Falco eventually caught up to him-however it was too late. Sonic had already reached the finish line, and Fox and Falco had sprinted so fast that they exhausted themselves and passed out. Sonic was now the leader of Starfox. He took their ships and uniforms, and he began his own cruise through the Lylat System.

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