anonymous iSSA NEGRON

Adversity means over coming something difficult and something challenging

they related to me and part of my family.. I pick this person because I admire her because she very strong and has gone though so much.

she was born in Newark,New Jersey on October 23, 1979 but she was grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico

she has 2 brothers and one sister and now she has three kids and one niece there ages are 18 and 16 an a 14 year old and there all girl also the 18 year old's daughter is 2 years old.

Her father died when she was younger and her mother was barely there because she did drugs. So her sisters and brothers and her had to watch over each other and keeps then safe they were really close when they were younger.

No, she never married any one and is a single parent. raised her kids by her self with no one helping her take care of them

she has 3 daughters and one niece there names will be anonymous

I pick her because she went though something i think is a really big to deal with and i feel like it her adversity cause she over came something other people don't do well dealing with. People deal with things differently i know that but if it a domestic violence it harder to recover from.

she was able to get a job and take care of her kids even without finishing school. she learned a trade that helped her make a living for her family.
she lived through a domestic violence. they started arguing and he started to hit her. then she came home and woke us up and everyone and said everything that happened so her daughter called the cops

she over came her adversity by started fresh and facing that what she went through her family was always there for her.

she is strong,because she didn't let what happened to her defeat her. she didn't let the person continue to hurt her, she got away, she was strong enough for her daughters to get away before anything happened to them and she showed them how to be a strong independent woman.
how i feel about this person that i did this on i really proud of her because she a great role model and a great person that has a big heart and the thing that makes me proud of her is that she is strong for her kids and her. even though she went though so much and she still helps other that need help, No matter what happened her kids never left her side they where there when she need to talk and she was they when they needed to talk even though it was a stupid thing and got back on her feet and exceed a new life.


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