All about Bearded Dragons emerson

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What they need
  3. food for me
  4. Love and Attention
  5. Conclustion


Play full as can be

Some lizard's are play full and some lizard's are lazy but....Bearded Dragon's are the right fit for you because Bearded Dragon's are play full and lazy. Hanging out in the cage or exploring a new place! Read to find out more about Bearded Dragon's.

what they need

How do you know if you have the right materials to take care of a Bearded Dragon? First, you need a branch to play and climb on to help your Bearded Dragon have a amazing time! Second, you can pour in sand,rock's,dirt,and tile to walk on or run on. Third, Bearded Dragons live in the desert so you need some heat lamp's to keep them warm. Especially in winter! Now you know a little bit about what Bearded Dragons need to survive in your home.

food for me

these are things that Bearded Dragons eat

You might think that Bearded Dragons only eat crickets but Bearded Dragons eat other things too. Bearded Dragons eat super worms, wax worms ,and meal worms. You can put super worms or wax worms or meal worms in a container, also Bearded Dragons eat kale. You can buy a dish and a water bowl. Bearded Dragons also eat apples, strawberry's, blueberry's, and blackberry's. Make sure they are cut up small. You can put water in the water bowl and you can put vegges in the food dish. Have fun feeding them!

Love and Attantion

How do you know if Bearded Dragons need love and attention? When your Bearded Dragon has a black beard that means they are mating, there angry, they can see there reflation in the glass and they think it is a predator, they want to run around. Make sure you keep your Bearded Dragon company! Have fun with your Bearded Dragon.

Fun Fact: Bearded Dragons flip there scales on there beard and it turns a black color.


Bearded Dragons are very unique they change color when they are hot.They make great play buddies. Maybe you can have a Bearded Dragon some day.


Created with images by DonGoofy - "Bearded Dragon" • kthypryn - "Bearded Dragon" • Pia Poulsen - "Sand" • bluesbby - "A shell in the rock's" • eelke dekker - "dirt" • osseous - "November 5, 2014" • elizadean - "blue blueberry delicious" • kahvikisu - "strawberries" • ulleo - "blackberries background black" • Couleur - "apple red fruit" • Mike Licht, - "Kale" • twiseman - "lizard pet dragon" • twiseman - "lizard pet dragon" • monikabaechler - "bearded dragon reptile male" • dhobern - "Pogona barbata" • Matt Ryall - "Small bearded dragon" • Maribelle71 - "A Lizard's Burden..." • Marilyn Roxie - "Bearded Dragon" • skenmy - "Biskit"

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