Tremendous Weekly Content Review 03 - 28 -- 04 - 10

Ok, so I know its been far too long since I've done one of these, but I've been busy! Adepticon! Vacation! Cranking out Battle Reports and then getting back into the swing of things has taken me far to long... but I'm back now and to prove it here is an EXTRA LARGE Content Review! Strap in, This is going to be HUGE!

HLT1984 starts off this Review with some amazing models and conversions! I spent WAY to look drinking in his work! You're going to love it!

Dark Sky is up next with an amazing photoshoot for his Dread elves! He also brings us a written Battle reports featuring them! Really great stuff!

MrAxhol brings us a great battle report showcasing a mirror match! Greenskin on Greenskin! Its enough to make you WAAAAAAARGH!!!!

A new Content Team Member, BK5B, Brings us his first blog post as a member of the T9A team. It's excellent and show a TON of skill! Go check him out if you haven't already!

KAthal drops us a couple articles on whats going on "Behind the T9A Scenes" with a wonderful (And hilarious) Star Wars theme'd update. I love these! You need to read them!

Good 'ole Mittierim is up next with a new installment in his Narrative campaign. I live for these! So great and I love to see what happens next in his stories! Go watch them and get addicted yourself! WOO HOO!

CHIHAMMER! (Warboss Tooth) is up next with a TON of Battle Reports from his time at Adepticon! They're so good I make an appearance in them! (Which greatly reduces the value.... sorry!) Check out his stuff if you haven't already! You're going to love it! As if that wasn't enough, Chihammer has also started an O&G Facebook page for all things Orcs and/or Goblins! CHECK IT OUT!

Genephelps of Wargaming from the Balcony is up next and brings the community some really great videos. One is some insight and discussion on the recent poll, an indepth review of Brawler's Bash, and then Battle Report Heaven! I love these guys!

Godbold of TFWP brings us a GREAT Podcast episode! In it the guys discuss their experience as a T.O.'s (Which I found to be VERY insightful!), talk about their hobbying, and then discuss their wishlist of both O&G and the WotDG. Its an excellent episode!

Next up Petterwass hits us up with more Product & Painting unboxings / reviews! The man posted some HUGE models (And some smaller) over the past couple weeks and did a CRACKING good job painting them up for display / review. Do yourself a favor and check out his content. You wont be sorry you did!

SKAVENINAZ is up next and the Legendary Vermin has brought us TOP QUALITY Battle reports! Go check out how an old pro does it!

Feedm3 is up next with a pack of Battle Reports showing us the games he played at a Local tournament! These are some real solid reports played on the ragged edge between victory and defeat! I got hooked!

I, LORD TREMENDOUS, am up next with battle reports from my games at Adepticon! Its not all of them, but its a start!

Dark Wizard (I KNOW HIM!) brings us a video recapping his time at ADEPTICON 2017! Now that I've met Mr. and Mrs. Dark Wizard I can tell you, they are as cool IRL as they are in their videos! Was a real honor to meet them both! (Ask them about their time at Medieval Times!)

Henrypmiller of AMMERTIME Podcast is up next and brings us a new episode of "A Tale of Many Gamers" Due to a move there hasn't been a podcast but thanks to AMMERTIME's dedication, he brings us a detailed update on his hobby situation. Its an excellent read!

Grymmir brings us a great battle report this week where his Ogres take on some Warriors of the Dark Gods. This is a BRUTAL game! Check it out!

Extraordinary Legionnaire is up next with his newest battle report! In it, Sylvan Elves tangle with their dark cousins the Dread Elves! I loved this report because SO MANY ELVES DIED! Truly a wonderful game!

Rasmus7814 is up next with his latest Battle Report. This week we have a mirror match of KoE Peasents going up against KoE Knights. Lots of surprises and upsets in this report!

And that's it for this MEGA Multi-week review! This content should keep you well sated until next week when the new review can slake your Content-lust! ENJOY!

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