Ceramics Portfolio Cassie Schofield

Triple Tiles

The Triple Tile project was the first thing I ever did in ceramics; I made a landscape that goes across all three tiles, starting at the ocean and ending at a river with kayaks in it.this is definitely not my best piece, but it was a good start.

Slab Box

The Book Box is my second favorite piece. I had some trouble with glazing just because I had so many small pieces that it was hard to "color in the lines," but all in all I think it came out very nice.


My favorite piece! I LOVE the way this teapot came out, from the spout to the handle. The beauty of it was that I didn't really plan this piece; I kind of just went with whatever I felt like doing and it ended up coming out really cute.

Wheel Thrown Pieces

My cylinder and vases were alright. They were beautiful until I put them under plastic to dry, where the plastic beat up the sides a little and made them look sloppy. All in all though I'm happy with how these came out.
This bowl is super pretty, I love the way the inside came out and the carving along the rim.

Trump Loeil

I was a little underwhelmed by my Trump Loeil. I added more texture before I applied the glaze, but I put it on too thick so that much of the detail I added was filled in. The colors I added to make it look rusted were lost in the gray, and the part that did show up just look like bright orange.

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