Paly One Acts May 3-5, 2018

Juniors Gil Weissman and David Foster perform in "On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning," a brief one-act play about a father and son relationship riddled with double agencies and manipulation. Junior Devony Hof, who directed the show, has acted in numerous productions at Paly, and felt her time behind the scenes proved harder. "Directing is a lot more difficult than acting in my opinion, because as an actor you can really just be creative and you can try things and as a director you have to learn what to cut." Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Senior Sarah Brodbeck points a fake pistol at junior Jared Schlenker in "Cinnamon Rainbow," which details a thief's misfortune when he chooses the wrong woman to rob. Schlenker plays a comical, stick-wielding thief donning pantyhose on his head. "It's always a fun time when someone has pantyhose and a stick," senior Emily Zhang, who directed the show, said. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Senior Kelly Keith and junior Cameron Miller transport the audience to Paris, where two girls seek love in "In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes But Only One True Love." Junior Annie Tsui finds herself falling for a mime in this comical short, directed by junior Robert Vetter. "I loved being a part of the show," Tsui said. "Robert [Vetter] is a fantastic director, Nandini [Relan] was a fantastic producer, and Cameron [Miller] and Kelly [Keith] are just so fun to work with. I think One Acts is a great experience because it lets you be a part of a low commitment and just all-around fun theater production." Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Sophomore Isabel Armstrong, freshman Evelynn Law, junior India Phills and sophomore Leo Marburg engage in a satirical portrayal of a Parent Teacher Association meeting. The one act, "PTA Politics," was both written and directed by junior Zoe Stanton-Savitz. "In 'PTA Politics,' I particularly enjoyed working on developing a strong character, and I liked how my show satirizes many issues in Palo Alto, such as parents being too competitive and pushing their kids and the [...] high admin turn-over rate characterized by Principal Wishnatzi, a nice guy who always gets shouted down by parents," actor Leo Marburg said. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Sophomore Isabel Armstrong aims a plunger at senior Emily Zhang during a Paly Improv performance. Improv performed a sketch that included several technical elements as well as traditional improvisation. "The improv show at One Acts was wonderful—for the first time we incorporated elects of tech like props, costumes, set, light, and sound into our improv scenes, and it made our improv more fun for us, and more entertaining for our audience," Armstrong said. "I had a blast doing improv, and can’t wait to do this again next year.” Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Senior Rahul Sankar, freshman Zoe Russell, sophomore Sky Croce and senior Cooper Kim play a group of villains suffering from low self-confidence in "Trumpet Lessons." Junior Christina O'Konski, who wrote the show and directed alongside sophomore Sofia Peterson, said she had fun working on it. "It was just such an enjoyable experience," O'Konski said. "It was really fun to write it ["Trumpet Lessons"] and see it come to life. I had so much support from so many people." Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Senior Maggie-Ainsworth Darnell, junior Aaron Zucker, sophomore Max Frankel, freshman Xiaolei Yu and junior Ashu Brown act out a psychological experiment gone wrong in "A Game," directed by senior Hannah Itzkowitz. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Sophomores Osmanthus Lynch and Emilia Massoudi portray a couple on their first date in "Dinner and Destiny," directed by Mia Trubelja. Massoudi encourages anyone interested in theatre to audition for One Acts. "One Acts is a great way to experience theater without the crushing commitments," Massoudi said. Photo: Allie Feitzinger

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