The holocaust By melissa & gaBriel

The holocaust was about Adolf Hitler, and how he wiped out all Jews from there homes. The holocaust was also a massacre of killing and torturing all Jews.

The holocaust started in 1938-1945 and the ruler of the holocaust was Adolf Hitler. The holocaust had camps that were to torture and leave Jews to die, the camps were called Auschwitz, Death camp and labor camp. The holocaust were to kill and capture all Jews because of there race.
The people in the holocaust had to walk the Death March and they had no food, but only one person had a little portion of food which was Gerda Weissmann and she shared very little bit of food with her friend and only kept and guarded it, because if they didn't have that little portion they would die.everybody had to walk barefoot and people even died during the death March, they had to walk in the snow and it was so cold some of the marching people's toes froze off. People who fell to the ground are to be shot in the head to make sure they are dead.

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