Wakeman Town Farm's "EGGstravaganza" celebrates Easter Serena Ye '20

From 10:30 am to noon, families and children attend the "EGGstravaganza" at Wakeman Town Farm this Saturday, March 31. Activities include meeting the animals, serving hot chocolate and coffee, an egg toss and an Easter egg hunt across the farm. Here, a little boy is coloring in his egg at one of the many craft stations at the event.
Once the egGs are colored in, rubbing alcohol is dripped onto them. As they rest on paper holders, the colors run down, making the eggs tie-dye.
Children come to feed pellets to Wakeman Town Farm's very own hens, roosters and ducks.
Here, two sisters smile as they take a picture with the easter bunnies.
Children reach out their hands to pet one of the gray Chinchilla rabbits named Gracie. These rabbits are very welcoming and easy-going, so they don't mind being touched by the visitors.
Victoria Cao '19 (right) and Nick Cheng '19 (left) are regular volunteers at Wakeman Town Farm. Today, they are helping out with the bunnies as well as the Easter egg hunt.
Children grab fistfuls of hay for the three friendly bunnies of Wakeman Town Farm- Gracie, Rosy and Molly.
A little girl extends her finger to Rosy, one of the more social bunnies according to WTF volunteer Nick Cheng '19.
The "Big Bunny" waves to a little boy offering him his tie-dye egg. It greeted as many as 1400 people today at the entrance of Wakeman Town Farm.
Along with hens and bunnies, Wakeman Town Farm is also home to alpacas, sheep and goats.
Children lean over the fences to get a closer look at the animals.
Some of the goats are very friendly and social today, constantly going over to be petted by the eager children.
One of the goats sticks its head a little too far over the fence, craving the treats that the children have in their hands.
After the Easter egg hunt, parents and children team up for the egg toss across the lawn.
The rules are simple- If the egg touches the ground, That pair is eliminated. After each round, the players must back up. Here, a girl throws her egg to her mom on the other side.
As the Easter event comes to a close, the "Big Bunny" says goodbye to the children. With more than 600 children who visited today, the "EGGstravaganza" creates a new tradition for Wakeman Town Farm.

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