Vitamins and Minerals McKenzie tarwater

Water soluble

Dissolves in water! Carries water

Vitamin B

Function: helps the body make new cells

Food sources: spinach and kale

Deficiency: spina bifida

Vitamin C

Function: protects the body against infection

Food source: strawberries and broccoli

Deficiency: Scurvy

Fat Soluble: dissolve in fat
Vitamin K

Function: helps blood clot normally

Food source: kale and spinach

Deficiency: bleeding and bruising

Vitamin A

Function: promotes good vision, hair, and skin

Food source: apples and oranges

Deficiency: night blindness

Vitamin D

Function: builds and maintains bones and teeth

Food sources: milk and dairy products

Deficiency: Rickets (bowed legs)

Vitamin E

Function: protects the membranes of white and red blood cells

Food sources: Vegetables and oils

Deficiency: poor nerve connection and neurological problems


Function: strengthens bones and teeth

Food sources: milk and dairy products

Deficiency: Osteoporosis (weak bones)


Function: helps make red blood cells and helps our muscles store and use energy

Food source: Animal product and meat

Deficiency: Anemia


Function: maintains fluid balance in the body

Food source: salt and fruits

Deficiency: muscle cramps, irregular heart beat and seizures


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