Students were blown away by the glass blowing demonstration in the hut on April 23rd, for this year's Academic Showcase.

Ten students showed up for this display on how to make glass objects. Teacher Assistant and Junior LiAmber Mcfarland created a piece that was inspired by famous glass blower, Benjamin Moore. The first part of making a glass object is dipping it into a mold and trapping air in it to make bubbles.

Shaping the the glass took about 45 minutes of the presentation.

The presentation took two hours starting at 11 am and ending at 1. While the demonstration was only two hours it can take up to four hours to get a piece of glass to the standard of the creator. The 2,200 degree furnace stays on 24/7 to keep the glass moldable.

Scissors and other tools are used to cut extra glass, shape, and mold the pieces.
McFarland is using the tool to make the bottom of the object flat.

When the piece is completed it goes into the "oven", a shelf to cool overnight. Then, the student can take their artwork home and enjoy.

McFarland is cutting the glass to detach it from the second pole.
Pictured above is called a "glory hole", an open furnace for reheating glass.
When making cups, this tool is used to help even out the thickness of the glass throughout.

"I want students to know that glass blowing teaches patience and you realize what your body can do" said McFarland. "My favorite part of the glass process is when you puntee it open up because you finally see the shape of the cup"

A Torch can be used to make the object hotter when out of the fire to reshape and fit different pieces of glass together.

Mcfarland describes opening the glass as her favorite part of the process because the glass finally starts to take a shape.

The Glass Blowing Hut is open until 10pm. Teacher Assistants, like McFarland, will be their for students who need any assistance with their pieces.

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