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Spice Trade at the Spice Islands

Europeans realized that spices were the bomb, and were willing to pay astronomical prices for them. The Europeans for the first while traded and bought spices from the Muslims along the Silk Road. However when the Ottoman Turks won the war and shut down the Silk Road, the Europeans had to find a new way to get spices. As Europe became more obsessed over spices, they decide to go exploring by ship to the spice islands. the Portuguese were the first ones to travel by ship to and from the spice islands. The captain whom led that trip, ended up becoming filthy rich. Rich enough that he became like royalty

Columbus and the expedition to the "Spice Islands"

The Spaniards became hella jelly of the Portuguese, because they were becoming more rich than a drug kingpin. Christopher Columbus wanted to become rich, as Ferdinand Magellan did. He first went to the king of Portugal, but they laughed him out of the country. He then went to the King of Spain as he noticed that the Spanish were desperate to become rich like the Portuguese. Columbus told the king that he knew a shortcut to the Spice Islands, and could get there before the Portuguese every time. The king of Spain believed his idea of traveling west instead of east, and funded his trip. When Columbus headed West, he thought he had landed in the West indies, but in fact he had landed in the New World (modern day Americas). Christopher Columbus had discovered the New World and didn't even know it. This made for an unfortunate fate of the natives. Because the natives weren't used to the diseases that the Europeans had, the small pox disease killed million upon millions of "Indians". the discovery of all this "new" land also led to the enslaving of thousands of slaves, to tend to the plantations.

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