Mrs. DeBoer 2nd Grade Special Education

About Mrs. DeBoer

My name is Elyssa DeBoer and I am the 2nd grade Resource teacher at Norris Elementary School!

I was born and raised within the Norris community, and graduated from Norris in 2014. In 2018, I completed my Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education/Mild-Moderate Disabilities from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate to have many teaching experiences within local schools, and upon graduating I returned to the Norris district for my first teaching position. The 2021-2022 school year will be my fourth year of teaching!

I live near the school with my husband of six years, our two year old son, and our two year old Black Lab, Tank. My husband currently works for the Nebraska Army National Guard as a helicopter mechanic and is a volunteer first responder in the community. Although being a full time teacher, wife, and mom keeps me busy, in my spare time I love baking, writing, being outside, and spending time with my mom, dad, and two younger sisters.

My biggest goal in life is to make a lasting impact on generations of students to come, and to make the world a better place for a diverse group of learners.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." -Albert Eintstein

Beliefs About People

I believe that every child is unique, treasured, and capable of incredible things. Each person has been shaped and influenced by their experiences, their environment, and the people in their lives, and each person has their own individual story. Throughout my career, it is likely that I will encounter many students and families from diverse backgrounds, and I will always make the conscious decision to equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

I know that because each child is unique and comes from a diverse background, a cookie cutter type of education will not meet the needs of my students. A one-size-fits-all mindset will not allow my students to grow at their own pace and it will not encourage diversity among my students. I wish to encourage uniqueness in my classroom and highlight the strengths of my students. I believe that differences in cultures, hobbies, and strengths deserve to be celebrated in order to cultivate a diverse and accepting environment.

I believe that all people should be treated with respect and dignity, and this moral will hold true in my classroom. Within my own classroom and throughout the school, I will tirelessly praise unique strengths, progress, and growth in all areas. I will cultivate a safe and welcoming environment where my students feel that they are wanted, loved, capable, and perfect just the way they are. I cannot wait to be a part of your child's educational journey!

Beliefs About Families

Like students, I also believe that families are unique, and each family has its own story as well. Families are integral to the educational and developmental success of their students, and I hope to equip families with the tools they need to help their student grow and thrive. I view communication between myself as the teacher, the child, and their families as vital to the success of my students, and will always ensure that families are up to date on the happenings of my classroom and the progress of my students.

Before your student even enters my classroom, you will receive a "Get to Know Me!" letter introducing myself, so that you and your student can become comfortable with me. I would also encourage families to attend the open house held by our school so that students can meet staff members in person prior to the first day of school, as well as familiarize themselves with the school and our classroom. I would also love for you as the students' families to see where they will be learning and growing every day! Throughout the year, I will keep you informed on what your student is learning and how they are progressing. I encourage you to email me or call me at any time should you have comments or questions, and I will also be communicating exciting positive experiences, as well as additional concerns that I have. Parent teacher conferences will be held twice per year in order to review student progress and work that they have completed throughout the semester, and we will also hold yearly IEP meetings should your student have an Individualized Education Plan, but I would welcome any additional meetings should you request them. Please know that families are incredibly important to me, and I wish to make this school experience as wonderful for you as it is sure to be for your student.

Helping Families

Although every teacher strives to create the "perfect classroom," challenges are inevitable. If and when a problem arises, my goal will always be to reach a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will solve problems within and outside of the classroom by asking questions in order to gain perspective and create solutions that are beneficial to both the student and their family. I believe that as the caretaker of the student, you are the expert on the child, and I will need your help creating a solution that best suits your student and your family. As your child's educator, I believe that listening to and understanding families is vital first and foremost to the success of your student, but also to the success of my career. I wish to partner with you in order to support both you and your student, make decisions together, create an effective professional relationship, and support your student's education at school and at home.

Should there be a problem outside of my control, I would be happy to provide you with additional resources that meet the needs of your student and your family.


Mrs. DeBoer's Contact Information:

Email: elyssa.deboer@nsdtitans.org

Phone: (402) 791 - 0030 ext 2848


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