The 5-Day Executive InnerFitness® Training Program for Sustainable Corporate Wellness EXECUTIVE INNERFITNESS® TRAINING PRoGRAMS CREATE HEALTHY CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTS

The Executive InnerFitness® Program Produces Measurable, Sustainable and Lasting Results for C-Level Executives and Corporate Employees.

The Executive InnerFitness® Corporate Wellness Program

C-level Executives are operating at higher stress levels today than ever before; often times, putting themselves and their families on the brink of physical and emotional disaster.

Executive InnerFitness® uncovers the underlying causes of emotional and physical exhaustion and provides effective and proven methods for retraining and sustaining your InnerFitness® Your greatest asset, your staff, will achieve more in less time with more enjoyment taking your company to a whole new level of performance.

The number of individuals who are overstressed, overworked, overweight and completely unhealthy is mind-boggling.

  • Almost 3 out of 5 people in America are suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression. When people are under stress their everyday lives become chaotic and off balance, often resorting to unhealthy substitutes (caffeine, alcohol, sleeping medications, etc.), poor decision making, under performance, and erratic relationships.
  • Without the right nutrition, without exercise, without sleep and without the right kind of emotional support, they will inevitably underperform in both their professional and personal lives, and increase their risk for illness and disease.
Every Year a Staggering $300 Billion is Spent on Stress Related Health Care and Missed Work.
The Executive InnerFitness® Corporate Wellness Program is a breakthrough in sustainable physical and emotional fitness for highly-stressed, high performance individuals.

We do not subscribe to erratic, high stress and dangerous exercise regimens that would potentially land your people in a hospital hooked up to an IV drip that flushes the kidneys due to super high intensity workouts. Your employees will adopt habits that gradually lead them to permanent healthy lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity, healthy nutrition choices and increased sense of well-being. It inspires everyone to set personal health, fitness and life goals, and allows them to easily monitor their progress while staying motivated and active through the power of awareness. They will make better decisions, create better relationships and optimize their work performance through accountability and benchmarks.

Once your C-Level Executives are able to incorporate these skills and tools into their mindset, productivity rises, critical thinking is enhanced, and decision making is clearer and more effective.

We teach sustainable life-style changes.

Our Executive InnerFitness® proven methodology retrains your team's mindset and perspective on what is healthy and safe as well as providing them with the accountability to sustain their newfound lifestyle. This revolutionary program is a breakthrough in behavioral engagement. It will encourage you to adopt habits that will gradually lead to permanent healthy lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity, healthy nutrition choices and increased sense of wellbeing and awareness. It will inspire you to set personal health, fitness and life goals, and then allow you to easily monitor your progress while staying motivated and active. The use of behavioral engagement practice to hold people accountable for their healthy behavior has been shown to be extremely effective.

External Motivation Combined with Internal Inspiration is the Key to Success.

5 Transforming Days with Executive InnerFitness®

Our on-site, intensive 5-Day Executive InnerFitness® Corporate Wellness Program jumpstarts your team's wellness, changing their internal self-image to build outward confidence and self-esteem. We inspire them to change habits that are no longer serving their goals (and, in some cases, may actually be hurting them.) Your team will create positive life changes based on their own personal needs and preferences. We will cover the principles of physical, mental and emotional transformation and design and implement a unique program that is tailored to suit each team member. They will be given the knowledge and practical tools necessary to support their progress in their day-to-day life.

InnerFitness® Corporate Wellness Program Core Components
Up to 10 of Your Selected Executive Team Members will receive:
  • Daily Executive InnerFitness Lectures
  • Individual Fitness and Wellness Assessments
  • Afternoon Workout Sessions
  • On Location Individual One-on-one Wellness Consultations
  • Individualized Nutritional Plans (Sent shortly after the program.)
  • Individualized Exercise Plans (Sent shortly after the program.)
  • Follow-up Weekly Coaching Sessions (90 Days)
  • Executive InnerFitness Books, Manuals and Other Study Materials.

Follow-up 90-Day Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Over the course of the Personal One-on-one Coaching Program, we will assist and carefully monitor your progress for a full 90 days. Each session offers both the inspiration and practical means necessary to help you attain your goals and recognize your true potential. We will investigate the correlation between mind, body and emotions to promote health, vitality and serenity.

Our intention is to help you discover new resources, which will enable you to access your inherent power to facilitate positive change. We provide both the personal attention and total support necessary, to help you overcome your personal challenges and areas of self-doubt. We work to reveal underlying core issues that are hindering your progress, and go well beyond prescribing a panacea. We are therefore only able to accommodate committed individuals that are exploring their personal growth. During the program, you will be encouraged to develop the depth and quality of the relationship you have with yourself, this will enable you to go beyond self-criticism and the boundaries of restrictive beliefs. You will learn to harmonize the receptive and assertive sides of your nature, to access your full potential and maintain a state of balance. (Provided through live teleconferencing or telephone.)

The program offers traditional and holistic approaches, which produce lasting results. The emphasis is in specific areas of fitness, wellness, and personal development.
Mindset • Meditation • Rest • Nutrition • Exercise • Emotional Balance • Energy • Time Management

You will benefit from the program if you:

  • Are overstressed, overworked and ready to snap
  • Suffer from stress and anxiety
  • Have tried everything else and failed
  • Hold a distorted body image
  • Are stuck at a certain weight and fat set point
  • Find diet or exercise alone don’t work
  • Struggle with an eating disorder
  • Are highly critical of your body
  • Lack self-motivation
  • Have difficulty finding the time to consider a health regime
  • Need to achieve a state of balance
  • Wish to increase your fitness levels and maximize your results
  • Are struggling with addiction
Are you challenged by negative habits?
  • Have hit a plateau
  • Are in a rut and need support and inspiration
  • Wish to develop your level of confidence
  • Would like to transform your negative beliefs
  • Wish to set a new healthy structure to your life
We Develop Skills and Provide Tools to Achieve Sustainable Results.

Executive InnerFitness® Core Values

Behavior change starts in the mind. The Executive InnerFitness™ program helps you develop the mindset necessary to navigate the difficult path of changing lifestyles. I create thoughtful coaching relationships by talking less and providing fewer answers. As a result, I help you find your own answers by “listening until I don’t exist” and asking compelling and relevant questions in a way that leads you to confront your truths and decide to take action.

This Program is based on a systematic coaching process, based on behavioral science principles that empower you to engage your mind as well as your body to:

  • Become more self-aware - where you are at currently and where you want to go
  • Dig deeper to find and engage your motivation
  • Take responsibility for the difficult path of behavior change
  • Create personal fitness and life visions
  • Commit to and be accountable for weekly, quarterly and annual behavioral goals
  • Overcome obstacles to reach and sustain a higher level of fitness
  • Gain confidence in your ability to change
  • Accomplish more than you thought was possible
Total Focus Is on What You Want to Achieve.

What can you expect from the program?

  • The motivation, inspiration and practical tools necessary to alter your fitness level, reduce stress & anxiety, reduce weight & body fat, tone and strengthen your body and maintain a state of balance and long lasting well being.
  • A profound relationship
  • Total focus is on what you want to achieve and how I can enable you to reach your goals and true core desire.
  • Offers a profound level of support and encouragement.
  • Welcome information about your history as it serves to help motivate or change behavior.
  • I find out what makes you tick.
  • I listen without judgment.
  • I help you become more open, curious, truthful, focused, and self-directed.
  • I help you become your own coach and an example to everyone around you.
Successful Mentorship Programs Are Based on Establishing Powerful Relationships and Trust.

A Complete Mentoring Process

  • Help you get clear on priorities and motivators.
  • Teach you how to develop new behaviors and skills.
  • Help you grow.
  • Help you set goals.
  • Generate consistent action and learning.


  • Help you define your personal vision and plan.
  • Help you formulate a plan for the immediate future.
  • Turn goals into achievable action plans.
  • You achieve success on your own terms
  • Help you reach the stage where you can sustain your new behavior without me.
  • Built-in structure of accountability – you are held accountable for your actions
A Clear Personal Plan: A Roadmap to Achieve Results.
  • Clarify and implement your goals
  • Develop your confidence and self-esteem - Hold a more positive self-image
  • Obtain a higher level of self-acceptance - Eliminate self-criticism
  • Release negative habits - Overcome obstacles and eliminate self-doubt
  • Maximize your energy level - Maximize your brain power – Maximize work performance
  • Use less time to do more
  • Reduce stress - Reduce blood pressure - Reduce cholesterol
  • Gain clarity about diet and exercise - Reshape your body
  • Design a program that suits your lifestyle
  • Become self-motivated
  • Establish a balanced, healthy way of life.

Journal Health Affairs reports:

ROI: Companies save more than $3 in medical costs for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Celebrity and Executive Clients

Corporate Clients

Carondelet Health
Miraval Resorts and Spas
Lehman Brothers
Sports Club LA
Atlantic Group
SandBox Logistics
Avtar Nordine Zouareg, Founder, Executive ®

Meet the Founder...

In 1999, then CEO and President of the prestigious Miraval Resort & Spa, Joseph DeNucci asked Avtar Nordine Zouareg, to create an alternative to the obsessive approach to fitness. Avtar went to work using three decades of experience in both the fields of fitness, meditation, and self-development. After a period of research and creativity, he created an award-winning program based on body, mind and heart. He led it for 10 years and moved on to teaching it to corporations and high performance individuals around the world. The Executive InnerFitness® program aims at creating harmony between professional and personal lives.

Avtar Nordine Zouareg is a two-time Mr. Universe, internationally acclaimed high-performance coach and wellness expert, bestselling author and speaker. Avtar has led over 8,000 individual coaching sessions with some of the world’s most influential people.

Avtar’s own remarkable life story highlights how he has encountered and overcome almost insurmountable obstacles and challenges with great success. From sickly third world child, to world-champion athlete, to fitness authority to the stars, few have begun with so little and gone so far. While your life situation is different, the means to overcome your challenges and achieve your dreams are yours with his guidance.

Languages: English, French, Italian

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Executive InnerFitness™


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