Rohan's Sibu Adventure AN AMAZING 4 DAY ADVENTURE

On the 20th September we went to Sibu Island. When I left home. I was super excited because I couldn't wait till we got there. Everyone in the class was excited when I arrived at school. I left my bag in the plaza. My bag had a name tag but most people forgot to put a tag on their bags. I was wearing my Minecraft jobs T-Shirt and everyone was pointing to the occupations they wanted to have. After everyone had arrived, we all rushed to the door to queue up. But then we remembered that we needed to be in number order so everyone had to get into their respective places. Since I am number 19 of 22, I was near the back of the queue There were stairs to get to the buses. Most students had suitcases and were struggling but I had a backpack so I managed walking down the stairs easily.

At the border all of us hopped off the bus when we got to the border and left all our things inside the bus. Everyone was starving because we could only eat after we crossed the border. We walked in a straight line to the immigration hall.I felt great that we had already reached the border. It had only been about 30 minutes at least that's what it felt like. We went up the escalator and then we walked into the hall. The hall was freezing and I was shivering. We lined up into two queues, one fingerprinting line and one non-fingerprinting. I did not know that one could use fingerprint if under 18 so I just went with the non-fingerprinting line.The queue took 30 minutes, so I just stood there being bored in a giant freezing hall with at least 100 other random people. Finally it was my turn. I went up and I gave him my green card and passport. He checked them and then asked to scan my fingerprint then I went through. I was the 3rd last and I walked over to the class and everyone was there so we all went out. I was so happy to get into the warmth again.

On the bus ride I sat next to Arnab and we played a pokemon game with my pokemon book and I won. I felt kind of sick in the bus ride. Although I had a headache, I was still fine. They showed a movie on the bus. It was Annie. Annie was one of the most boring movies I have watched. I watched it for 5 minutes but since we were not enjoying it, Arnab and I just continued playing the Pokemon game.We saw a forest fire at one point and it was very smokey. Then we finally reached the jetty...

When we arrived at the jetty we all took our suitcases out and lined up in our classes.I drank all my water on the bus and I couldn’t wait to get some more. Finally we had a chance to refill our water. I drank the water and it tasted like dirt. I was then told it was from a well. So I just had it. We all put our suitcases along the jetty and the team leaders gave us life jackets and then we were off on the ferry (Pelican 2).

On the ferry the team leaders taught us many song and chants.I felt happy that we were finally almost there (I forgot that we had to walk across the island). We saw tons of fish from the window. When we arrived at the jetty in Sibu I saw 3 crabs and over 150 tiny fish.

Fun Days in Sibu

When we began walking across Sibu Island I felt tired because we had a long walk without properly filtered water and there were many hills and trees(roots in the ground). I knew that the first place that we saw was not the Sea Gypsy but everyone else was like “Is this really where we are going to stay!?” .My first thought when we arrived at Sea Gypsy was okay but then when I saw all the cabins (From the outside) and the big restaurant. It was quite good. Everyone went to sit down for lunch. I never expected that it would be that big because in the video they didn’t show the cafeteria (or any other parts except the cabins)For lunch we ate spaghetti! I never expected the food to be so good, it was delicious. My two favourite meals were spaghetti and the hotdog. I was amazed by the size of the kitchen at the back of the restaurant, it was huge! At the end of lunch Tam (The Main Team Leader) assigned all the cabin groups into cabins.I was in cabin V2

When we went to the cabins I told everyone to make sure to leave their shoes outside on the balcony. It was dark. There was only 1 tiny light that covered a ¼ of the room.The bathroom was not great because the shower was in the middle of the bathroom and when someone showers the whole bathroom gets wet.The best part of the room is the reading lights because we don’t need our torches to read at night but we needed our torches to walk around the room.Our first challenge was putting on the sandfly oil. I am used to putting Sunblock and mosquito spray but I have never put sandfly oil on before. It felt really weird putting oil on and they team leaders gave us so much I felt oily for the whole day.The oil gave me rashes when I came back in Singapore! I loved Free time when we got to play swingball. It was so fun because swingball was my favourite game there out of football,basketball,poison ball, playing on the swing,playing in the playground and monkey bars and running around(and of course swingball).

When we went swimming I really enjoyed it because my group played tag and It was really fun playing around in the sea on the first day when we arrived.For dinner we ate fish it was quite tasty I enjoyed it.

After dinner we had a class talk and then we were off to bed.Everyone brushed and changed into their night clothes and then off to sleep.

In our cabins on the first night it was boiling! There was no air circulating in the cabin. Everyone in my cabin kept on saying how hot is was. The fan was on 5(Max) and it was still very hot. I think it was because of the mosquito net as the net’s holes are so small that no air can get through it. It was lights out at 9pm but I fell asleep at 10:15pm .I woke up at 1am but I fell asleep after 20 mins.

When I woke up I woke up at 6:40 and I quietly changed into my Minecraft T-Shirt and brushed and then the double bell rang.

After the double bell rang we started talking about how hot it was at night and how they couldn’t sleep for so long and we had to wake up Arnab because he overslept till 7:16 and everyone changed and brushed and then the bell for breakfast rang.When we walked out everyone was saying “It’s so hot at night” and stuff like that.

At breakfast I sat next to Arnab it was one of the best meals there it was egg,cereal and toast.I.The cereal choice was milo cereal,honey stars cereal or rice crispies.I had milo because I have it at home and it was the most popular the breakfast was the best (not including Lunch or Dinner because they are totally different).

Wonderful View

When we came up with a chant my group didn’t have the best chant but it was quite entertaining listen to all the chants we got to play games while we were waiting and we played hide and seek it was very enjoyable.The final chant was (Our tribe name was Hypno waves)Hypno waves we are great we can beat you any day.

When we played poison ball we I was on team 1. It was really lively because if you miss the ball you join the other team.To play poison ball you have equal players on each team with a volleyball and you have to pass three times in your team and then throw it over the net if the ball lands and no one catches the person nearest to it is out and if you drop the ball you are also out.Team 1 won because at the end we had the most players.At lunchtime we ate curry and rice it was ok it was better than I expected it to be because I don't really like curry but I was quite good.

During free time I played swingball with Arnab again and it was very fun it was the best game at free time (we had free time after every meal except dinner but we had free time before dinner).

When we built a hut I realy enjoy making the A frames and then covering it with leaves.I was in gruop 1 there were 11 people in each group so all together there were 2 huts here are 2 videos on of Mr Survivor climbing a tree to get the resources of building the hut and a video of our huts waterproof test (We didn't now there was a waterproof test).In the waterproof test I am in the bottom left corner.

When we went on the boat to snorkeling (storm day) I thought we were going snorkeling. When we boarded the boat we thought it was going to be a calm ride but then it shot of super fast.It was the best part I loved the boat it kept on going up and down and it was very bouncy and jumpy everyone else loved it to.

At the island we were snorkeling from I played on the beach with Krish and we dug a giant hole and we reached water. Only 8 people got to go snorkeling before the storm came it so we quickly hopped into the boats and drove back.On the way back in the boat the boat ride was 10mins long and it was open top and open side so it was crazy it was like a wave rider/jumper.The boat was very shaky that it felt like we were tipping off.

During free time I played swingball with Arnab again and it was very fun it was the best game at free time (we had free time after every meal except dinner but we had free time before dinner).

At night we had Beef and Rice for dinner and It was quite good I liked the beef and then we were off to bed.I fell asleep about 45 mins after we went to our cabins.Good night

When I woke up I woke up at 6:30 so I read my pokemon book and then at seven I woke up arnab again because he overslept but I was better at night but it was still boiling at night. At breakfast it was the same thing and I was very good and yummy.I had milo cereal and toast.

When we went to snorkeling on the boat ride it was very pleasant again and I knew it was the best part of snorkeling. Everyone was relieved that we could snorkeling again while I was waiting for my turn on the island me and Krish found three crabs and we threw 1 into the water but then I held 1 and Krish got 1 and he named his crab Oggy and mine didn’t have an name we buried oggy and digged a hole and then he digged straight out.When we went snorkeling I saw tons of fish,5 crabs and a sea cucumber it was very amusing. At lunchtime we hotdogs,chicken nuggets and chips. It was so good I went for seconds for the first time.I really wished I could have had that again.It was chicken hotdog.It was delicious it was the best meal ever! I had to count that as the best meal there.

When we had tuck shop and played games I Bought a magnum and a 100plus and then while we were playing mafia Krish was putting his 100plus can near me and I was pushing it away so then everyone thought I was the mafia but I wasn’t.

When we went boogie boarding I had never been boogie boarding before and it was very fun.I caught an giant have and I went so high on the have it was as high as a mini tree.When we were boogie boarding I saw some fish when I fell of my board.

At the banana race we had an banana and I was number 19 so when it was my turn I had a super squished banana and I hit the banana 4 times and then caught it.I enjoyed the swimming we played tag again and it was very lively.

At dinner time we had noodles and satay it was very appetizing and it was a very satisfactory last dinner at the end of dinner Tam told us that here are going to be evening(night) activities until 9:30pm.We all wondered what it could be but then me finally remembered that last year they had a show and then we all go really excited for it to commence.

For Sienna’s birthday the brownies were the best and it made up for no dessert ever.I never knew that they could make such a good desert.

At the concert It was very entertaining at the end there was an fire show ad Mr.Survivor blew fire out of his mouth by drinking gasoline.I really enjoy the part when there was fire on the stick and they were making it look super cool

On our last night in our cabins I slept with my sheet on for a try and it felt better than sleeping with nothing but still it was very hot because the fan can’t really reach you if you are at the bottom bunk.

When we woke at 6am I felt really tired but I knew that we were going home.I was kind of happy and kind of sad.I changed into my clothes and then did some last minute packing and then I took my bag to the beach and then I came bag to tell everyone else to but their bags on the beach and then we quickly ate breakfast and then we were on the walk to the ferry terminal across the island.

As we were leaving I felt kind of relieved and kind of sad because I wanted to go home but I really enjoyed staying in Sibu.On the ferry We just sat their looking tired but ready for the journey ahead we didn't do much on the boat.Back in the bus I played the pokemon game again the TV wasn’t working so we had too do something else so I tried to sleep but it was not possible.At the border I went with the non-fingerprinting line and I was much faster than on the way there.

As we drove into UWCSEA everyone started screaming in joy and then everyone was like “I’m going to get to the water fountain first” I was very happy as we reached school and I knew it was the end of a big adventure.

My final thoughts about Sibu is Sibu was the best school trip yet and I am really looking forward to G5 Trip next year.

Arnab gets hit by water :P

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