Feudal Japan by phillip andryushchenko

This is an example of feudalism that Medieval Europe had.This is similar to Japans system.
This Japans feudal system

Feudalism is a custom where it kept Japan´s society safe and satisfied.Japans Feudal system had 30 sub ranks and 9 main ranks,people were happy and agreed to this because, the samurai protected the shoguns which ruled the government and people with higher ranks gave peasants land.This system lasted longer because people felt good and there were no revolts.This helped determine the punishment by the rank if they did something bad. Without this system Japan would have crumbled pretty much,it would be chaos,wars would be happening and many revolts would happen,so the feudal system that Japan had helped that not to happen,everything was under control.

This is a Shogun head of military power.

The second custom of Japan was having Shoguns, which is where they are the head of the military government of Japan in the era of the samurai.They rewarded warriors so the samurai protected them in return, and they had more power than the emperors.Military power protected the people in lower classes so that people would feel safe.So people gave the warriors things in return, like food and many other things.Without the protection of the military people would feel unsafe, and would feel like they need a lot of help from invaders.So military was important to people because they needed protection from invaders and so that they felt safe and protected.

This is the code of bushido that the samurai had to follow

Another custom in Japan was Bushido which was the code of the samurai that they had to follow.So the samurai had to follow a strict code that told the warriors to be honest,fair,and they had to be fearless.It helped them be fearless in war, protect people and it was also necessary to be that way, and it governed the samurai's life.Without the code the samurai probably would be scared in war, wouldn't be brave and motivated, pretty much they wouldn't be good warriors and would be a disgrace to Japan.


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