Donald Trumps Digital Footprint

- Before Presidential Bid -

Before Trump had his millions of online followers, he was advised by Justin McConney in 2011 that he needed an online presence, when at the time, he only had 100,000 Facebook followers. As of the 23rd of December 2015, Donald Trump had more than 5.5 million Twitter followers and 4.5 million Facebook fans. He uses this presence to spread his views and opinions, such as calling to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

- During Presidential Campaign -

On the 7th August 2016 Donald Trump had 228 million search results, beating out Hillary Clinton's 145 million results. Donald Trump’s Strategist encouraged Trump to post his controversial opinions to give the fans and supporters what they want, saying “the more outrageous the content, the better”. He has since made comments such as "Obama is, without question, the WORST EVER president. I predict he will now do something really bad and totally stupid to show manhood!", "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall." A lot of Trumps use of social media has helped him win popularity with millennials as the majority of them use the internet, and technology.

- After Winning Presidential Election -

Since winning the Presidency Donald Trump has gone back to using twitter in his usual way of calling out corrupt media posts and replying to hate comments.


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