Commonly confused words by sergio Astorga

(Their) baby

(They're) looking at her

they met up (there)

(It's) eating

(its) tail hit his friend

(who's) with the kid

John, (Whose) bike broke is riding a new one

He is Good

He doesn't look (Well)

I (Accept) this gift

I want everything (Except) a new phone

The break up will not (affect) my performance

Turning blue was the Effect of the situation

Created By
Sergio Astorga


Created with images by soukup - "Large Words" • Unsplash - "baby couple wedding rings" • PublicDomainPictures - "adult caucasian child" • PollyDot - "king penguin penguins group of penguins" • Pexels - "horse mammal people" • Pexels - "animal photography animals close-up" • foundin_a_attic - "img002" • yogadanu - "shadows person people" • alexizor - "Neymar" • Leonid Mamchenkov - "Sick" • asenat29 - "Gift" • TeroVesalainen - "smartphone white silver" • pumpkinmook - "breaking up" • Ronaldc5 - "Sony A77 in-camera effect"

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