Helping the Hungry Connor, Evan, Robert

  • FISH currently provides food to more than 8,000 Knoxville families every month.
  • In Knox County 57,000 people live in poverty --more than 25% of them are children.
  • "FISH focuses on what more can be done to help ensure that everyone gets enough to eat".
5 Dollars feeds a family of 4 for 3 days

Now we will take you through a typical food drive day

show up to one of 4 food drive locations and wait in line till 10 am

sign name on sign in sheet, and grab a bag

walk through line and pick your groceries for the day

We recorded the video below to exhibit how the pantry works.

How it all happens...

And many, many volunteers

How we plan to help

  • FISH gets tons of food donated every year by big donors
  • But most of this food is not healthy, sustainable food
  • So they end up buying most of their healthy food through money donations...
  • Which is where our donated money will be going towards
  • Purchasing in bulk enables the pantry to purchase with 15 cents what the standard family purchases with a dollar
  • Even the least significant donations can go a long way
Above is an example of some of the canned food that FISH has to use its donated money for

Help us end hunger in Knoxville today! And remember that just $5 feeds a family of 4 for 3 days

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