Binge Watching Netlix exclusive content and talking about it

Binge is a podcast created by BCIT students Keaton Cambell, Robin Hansen, Kirk Iverson and Sadie Vadnais

Us Bingers

About Binge

We watch 3 episodes or one movie of Netflix exclusive content and then give it our rating of chill, thrill or kill and send that out to the world in podcast form.

Sadie works on social media for Binge and is our voice of Twitter and Facebook, Kirk created the logo for Binge and records Binge's podcasts. Keaton is part reconnaissance, part hype man for the podcast, who dabbles in editing as well. Robin created the website for Binge as well as some strong opinions about being forced to watch Riverdale.

Binge was created as part of the BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment course in an online design class in 2017

Created By
Robin Hansen

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