John McLaren Park san francisco, ca

It's easy to forget you're still in the city when you come here.

We didn't realize this before visiting, but apparently back in the 80's and 90's this was a popular site to dump bodies and was generally unsafe for visitors 😧. These days you would never know. Every time we've been here there are lots of friendly people hiking and walking their dogs.

This park is huge!

Mom's still practicing piloting the drone so she won't take off the lens cover - so sorry for the blurry/glare footage!

We've also gotten lost here each time we visited. One of the great things about this park is because you're still in the city there's great cell reception, so you can always find yourself on a map.

We always park by the Jerry Garcia amphitheatre and then make our way uphill and around the park.

This park is really diverse in terrain which makes it great to just explore, which is probably part of the reason why we always get lost. There are so many paths to take and explore!

There are paved trails:

Dirt trails:

Shaded areas with big trees:

Exposed areas:

And a dog-friendly pond!

Usually there are ducks here too, which always makes it interesting for me since I can't swim!

We like to walk around the pond (inside the fenced area) so I can get my feet wet and smell all the little fishies!

Tiny fish!

Because the park is so large there's also horse back riding around the park, so if you're like me, and you get super excited around non-dogs, just beware! I can smell horses from miles away, that's how excited I get!

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking (lot and street side)
  • Yes, this is an off leash park
  • No, there are no doggy (or human) water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • No, there are no trash bins
  • Yes, there are benches (around the pond)
  • Yes, there are toilets (behind the amphitheatre)

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