Gideon Judges 6-8 by:Arianna Williams

Idol Worship: During the time period of the judge "Gideon". The Israelites have once again disobeyed God's word by worshiping the God the Amorites (Baal and Asherah). (Judges 6:25-26)

Oppression: Due to their disobedience of the God's word, the Israelites fell into seven years of oppression while being in the hands (ruled/dictated) of the Midianites. (Judges 6:1-6)

Repentance: The Israelites then cried out to Lord to save them from the powerful oppression of the Midianites. In response the Lord sent Gideon. ( Judges 6:7-10)

Deliver: In response to the Israelites cry the Lord sent an angel to inform Gideon that he's a mighty warrior and that the Lord will be with him as he led the Israelites to freedom. Judges (6:7, 11-12)

Timid: One of Gideon's personality traits can be timid since he asked God to not be angry with him since he requested for another request to prove his existence and power. (Judges 6:39)

Weak: Due to Gideon's saying that he was " the least in my family". One can depict Gideon to be weak and doubtful and to lack of confidence of his potential capabilities. (Judges 6:15)

Curious: Gideon exemplified the curiosity personality trait by questioning God to how could he lead Israel out of oppression. (Judges 6:15)

Optimistic: By responding to God's statement hypothetical such as using the word "if" in the beginning of each statement. Gideon can be perceived to be optimistic to God's word and his own capabilities. (Judges 6:17, 20-21)

Apprehensive: Another personality trait that Gideon possessed was being Apprehensive. This is illustrated in Judges 6 when Gideon became frighten by the fire the angel ignited from the rocks. (Judges 6:21-23)

Faithful: Gideon was faithful to God's words by obeying the commands and acting upon them when he was told to. Such as when Gideon obeyed God's commands and spied on the midianites in their camp. (Judges 7:2, 7-8)

Egocentric: By reading Judges 8, I've realized Gideon expressed an egocentric personality trait in a authoritarian manner when he interact with other judges such as killing military officials for questioning him. (Judges 8:6-7)

Courageous: Gideon displayed the courageous personality trait by obey God's word and going against their cultural customs and destroying the alter. Along with leading his army to victory against the Zebah and Zalmunna, and the Midianites. (Judges 8:1-21)

After Gideon led the Israelites to freedom, there was 40 years of peace. ( Judges 8:28)

Repeat: Although Gideon was led by the Lord and concurred the enemies of the Israelites, the Israelites begins to disobey God's command and worship Baal-Berth as their God (along with forgetting both Gideon and God. Along with that it is was God who led them out of the tyrannical rule of the Midianites). (Judges 8:33-35)

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