The One and only Luciano By: Cassie Sharits

Mr. Luciano Is a teacher at the Junior High School. He teaches 7th grade science, He loves Reese's and the new sharpie pens he just discovered.
Mr. Luciano takes pride in making sure he teaches his students everything they need to know based on ohio standards. he also makes sure he keeps his students safe.
Mr. Luciano appreciates his Team members and the related arts teachers at the junior high. He also makes sure that he stays on task with what he is suppose to be teaching from evaluations. he also loves Cassie's homemade pie.
The personal skills that he needs to be successful in his classroom are patience, lots of patience, to be flexible and adaptive, and be capable of adjusting to his students abilities and needs.
He wishes he would have know that his perception of teaching was going to change to being more negative. He also wishes he knew more of how the building functions when he first started and how the school was held to such high standards by the government.
Mr. Luciano had to take a test and pay for his schooling to become an official licensed teacher.
Mr. Luciano's greatest satisfaction is receiving presents from his students, not really. His greatest satisfaction is being able to reach the unreachable students. He loves building rapport with his students.
There are minimal things Mr. Luciano would change about his job. he wishes the parents of his students would be held more accountable. That the parents would also take the side of the school over the side of their child sometimes.
He wants related arts classes to come back in all schools and he wishes all teachers had higher salaries. Overall, I had a really amazing time teaching with Mr. Luciano and I learned a lot. He has a great group of kids and I would not change the experience I had for the world.


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