Commercial Design Ari French-Fernandez

Hello! I'm Ari and I'm located in Michigan. In my free time I enjoy doing art, play guitar, and I also enjoy reading. My father is one of my biggest artistic inspirations as well as Shepard Fairey and Francis Bacon. One day I hope to have a popular and unique clothing business.

I wanted to create a fun and inviting coffee shop logo. I tweaked it throughout the process, but kept the general idea the same. The original sketching and brainstorming is at the top left, and the final two logos are the bottom photos.
-------These are some of my Creative Assignments. Materials used: Pencil, colored pencil, marker, and paper.------- 1. Fibonacci --- 2. Composition --- 3. Eye --- 4. Random Poem

In this Creative Assignment we were to make a poem out of a page from a book. Mine reads, "The fool with the pyramid pondered across from it but he could possibly be in my mind. Yes. Yes! Yes! He was." The illustration is of a thought bubble of a man 'pondering' at his pyramid. The meaning of this is someone is imagining this scene, but then they realize it's all in their head.


Created with an image by sasint - "agriculture vietnam rice plantation"