Literacy in Motherhood Every mother is Literate in Their own way.

Understanding Motherhood

When you are a mother you learn as you go and every mother learns to be literate in their own way. No one else realizes how literacy in motherhood can help a mother improve her daily skills. My peers will probably tell me that literacy is the ability to read and write. That is correct, but it also means competence or knowledge in a specified area. My knowledge in being a mother makes me literate in a specified area that makes sense to me and other mothers because of all the knowledge, activities, and skills we learn throughout motherhood. Mothers develop this knowledge, skills, and activities through our daily life and education. Being a mother has a lot to prove because we are capable in having valuable knowledge that we learn from our daily life and by the community as well. Mothers do play a very important role and have many other purposes besides just being a mom. By that all being said, let me explain myself more in detail to help you understand my literacy in motherhood.

My kiddos!

My literacy in motherhood

I am a mother of two beautiful children and I am also attending college as a full time student. Those are two big important roles in my life because I will constantly be learning new things as I continue in motherhood and in my education. Learning these new skills helped me understand motherhood because I became a lot more patient with myself and in order for me to patient with my children, I must be calm and take the time to really think about what I will do next. I became very responsible because I wasn’t just responsible for myself anymore I had a tiny human to care for so I started looking at things differently and did things in a more dutiful way. My communication skills developed rapidly because I have to give some better explanations to my daughter that way I can be more clear and in depth for her to understand in what I am saying.

My daily routine consists of:

First picture from left to right: 1st picture: I have to wake up 3 hours earlier before my class starts at 10:30. 2nd picture: I have my kids clothes ready from the night before that way it makes it a lot easier for me. 3rd picture: I get my daughter ready first because she can sit down longer then my son. 4th picture: I get my son ready last because he can't sit still yet (you can tell in the picture he wasn't even focusing on me) and he will make it a lot harder for me to get them ready for the day.
I will make breakfast for my kids and feed them before or after I get them ready. Everyday is different so it just depends on my time schedule and what is easier for that day.
At the end of the day I will lay them down to try to put them to sleep. As you can see it doesn't always work!

How do I have literacy in my daily routine?

  • I show time management by having a schedule, being on time, and having good timing so that way I won't be running late.
  • Responsibility is a big skill that I learned by taking care of my children and having their things ready ahead of time.
  • Patience and communication goes with me being able to multitask with both children while keeping my cool because it can get a little frustrating, especially if my babies aren’t in the best mood.

For the most part I explained what it means for me to be literate and to help you understand the meaning in motherhood.

Going to appointments can be a little hectic since I have multiple things to do beside just going to one appointment. Usually I have my normal routine that I start off with (I talked about it earlier) and I go to my appointment early in the morning. Usually its hard to have both of them at the same time because they can't sit down. I do my best to try to keep them on their best behavior but it is impossible sometimes. Then after our appointments I drop them off at their baby sitter and I will go to school.
Why my literacy as a mother is relevant to my academic situation.

how my literacy relevant to my academic situation.

Mothers learn very valuable skills that are used throughout our entire life and are very strong traits to have. My literacy, knowledge, and community are useful and relevant in my academic situations because of all the skills I have from being a mother. Those skills helped me with my academic situation because it actually has improved my qualities as a student. My skills are being responsible, patience, having time management, communication skills, and organization are all things I learned as being a mother.

Why my skills are relevant?

  • I must be responsible by being on time and doing my work that way it gets turned in on time, which also shows time management skills.
  • I learned that having organization skills are very important. My professors want me to be on top of my work by being organized, so I can find my assignments faster and by being neat that way they can understand my papers I turn in.
  • Communication is an important skill that I learned because I must be able to ask my teacher something about my assignment or be able to talk about the assignment with my peers in class.
  • My routine also helps me with my education because I also made a routine for my classes as well. Which helps me a lot because I am more organized with all my work and with my study time.

Meeting other mothers at CBC was useful in my academic situation because when I talked to them they would provide helpful information for me. When I was having a hard time studying around my kids they mentioned to go to the tutor center or library. The tutor center was a very big help for me because it was very quiet for me to do my work and when I needed help there was always someone there to ask. They also mentioned that I should go talk to a counselor about my daycare situation. CBC helped me get into a program where my kids now can go to a daycare while I am in school that way I never have to miss. The mothers I met at CBC were such a great help and if I ever needed advice I could always ask them.

Communication is very important to have because I always have questions to ask my teachers and I have to be able to ask them in a way they can understand, that way they can answer my question correctly. Another thing is how my work has to be organized that way it is easy to read and understand for when I need to come back and look at my work. Also needs to be organized for when I turn it in and my teachers can be able to understand it as well.

How my community helps create, sustain, and use my literacy

Community means a group of people having a particular characteristic in common and I can say that mothers are a community because they do share a lot of characteristics and similarities. I mentioned that I go to CBC as a full time student and when I started my first quarter I didn’t think that I would run into so many women who have children. So every day when I go to class I get to know somebody who is a mother. That opens up a door for me to a community of mothers that can talk about their own experiences. This helps me create my community by being able to get to know other mothers and maybe even become friends. So far I have been creating friendships with other women and we helped each other with our classes we have together.

Talking with my mom and grandma is a way for me to have a community of mothers because we always sit together and talk about our problems or situations we have. My mom and grandma always give me the best advice!

Another way I have a community of mutual mothers are my family and friends and we always talk about our routines and schedules. We give each other advice and tips on how to do things or how to do some tasks a faster way.

When I see all these other women who are chasing after their goals and doing what they really love inspires me to be better. It helps me sustain and use my literacy because I know that there is a community of other women who are going through the same challenges as me. It makes me feel great knowing that I have such a great community to keep me going and give me that little bit of advice when I need it.

A mother has a lot of useful skills that are literacy in motherhood and are useful in many other aspects in life. A mother is literate in her own way and does have valuable knowledge that is learned from the community as well. Learning all these traits and skills as a mother is also valuable because it is used in other important situations. I learned so much from being a mother and it’s more than just being a mom. I have become a better person since I became a mother because I learned so many skills and qualities that can be valued. This is a very important topic to me because I am a mother and you will learn all the knowledge from motherhood when you have children of your own.

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