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"Going Away" a poem by Jordan Winkler

"Economical Effects of War" a TED Talk by Cade Pribula

"My Dad" a poem by Jordan Winkler

"One Rotten Apple Spoils The Bag" a drawing by Sarah Minich

"Falling Apart" a poem by Jordan Winkler



War is something happening all around us. War, by definition, is a state of armed conflict between two separate groups. By this definition, there are currently sixty-four countries involved in conflicts that occurring in the world as of right now. Separate from these countries are five hundred seventy-six different militant groups that are also involved in conflicts. The novel, The Weight of All Things by Sandra Benitez, followed a young boy named Nicolás through the civil war that his country was fighting in at the time. The country that he was in was in El Salvador. It showed how his family got ripped apart and how he lost loved ones. He traveled all through the country, either because he got taken by a militant group or to find safety from the violence. Him and his grandfather even tried fleeing El Salvador in search for safety. This book shows how many groups of people that war affects. War can split families apart. There are major mental health consequences on a civilian after a war is finished. Children are the most vulnerable to these consequences. Children look to their parents for how to act. When the parents are anxious, the children can mimic these reactions. This can give children severe anxiety and bad dreams. War also severely affects the economy. It can leave countries with huge amounts of debt. Also, the unemployment rate increases. There was evidence of this during World War One with Germany and Japan’s decrease in employment. The fighting in Syria that is happening right now could potentially leave the country in turmoil. The effects of war do not go away right after the war is over. It takes years for countries to recover from wars. War also affects surrounding countries. The amount of refugees that flee to surrounding countries can be devastating. These refugees can take natural resources that can be sometimes limited in the country that they flee to. War can spread to the borders, increasing the risk for violence in surrounding countries. Also, the surrounding countries can take sides in the war, potentially fighting in it. This puts them in risk for war-debt and many casualties.

The purpose of this literary magazine is to look at how different groups of people are affected by a war. In this magazine, there will be poems, a Ted Talk, and a drawing. The poems tell stories about how civilians are affected by wars. The Ted Talk talks about how economy is affected by war in the country. Lastly, the drawing shows how other countries get affected by war in a nearby country.

"Going Away"

By jordan winkler

He's going away soon

He'll be gone for a long time

He's headed off to fight for my freedom

I don't know if this is the last goodbye

My mouth is paralyzed I can't speak

His voice is the only thing that can ease my aching heart

When he leaves my heart will stop

A thousand miles apart won't do for me

He walks into the flame knowing the risks

He knows his time might come

He will always keep me in his heart

Even if my heart can't bare the distance

The morning will never come

I'm too scared for the truth

Because I know he might not come home

The world is beginning to come to a holt

There was a presence gone when I awoke

My heart skipped a beat when at the sound of leaving hope

My life would no longer be the same

I will have to grow up without my dad

Economical Effects of war

By Cade Pribula

My Dad

By Jordan Winkler

My dad is a strong man

He said he'd fight like there's no tomorrow

He said he'd come home no matter what

I had to believe his word or my hope would leave with despair

Little did I know this whole war was a fraud

My mom's heart is crying

She can't stand the stress of the war

Her heart crumbles from the weight of all the dying

She won't admit her partner is gone

Even when she knows the time has drawn

My brother is clueless like a deer in headlights

He thinks our dad will be back

Little does he know the consequences of war

He sees a crowd of happy people

But does not notice the sadness in their hearts

One rotten apple spoils the bag

By sarah minich

One Rotten Apple Spoils the Bag, Sarah Minich, December 9, 2016. This is a drawing colored with colored pencil. In the research that was done, it is evident that countries that are involved in war affect the countries that surround them with their violence. The purpose of this drawing is to show how countries get affected through a commonly known phenomenon, one rotten apple spoils the bag.

Through this drawing, I can represent the elements of the affecting country and the affected countries. There are multiple apples in the basket. These apples represent multiple different countries. There is a rotten apple in the middle. This apple represents a war-ridden country. Surrounding the rotten apple, there are half-rotten apples. These half-rotten apples represent the countries that are getting affected by the country that is in the middle of a war. There are many examples of this currently happening right now around the world. The most prominent example would be the civil war in Syria. There are many countries that are surrounding Syria that are being affected. These countries include Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, and Jordan. There are thousands of refugees fleeing Syria (and other war-ridden countries) to the surrounding countries. These refugees can take resources from the citizens of the country that they had fled to. These resources could be scarce depending on what location they are in. If the scarce resource is food or water, then the citizens could be in serious trouble. Also, countries around Syria are experiencing increasing violence. Some of the listed countries want to fight with/against Syria. This can cause conflict between Syria and the country that wants to fight with the rebels of Syria. Also, a country’s citizens that want to fight with Syria could have disagreements with their own country’s government. To add onto the conflict, other local governments fear that some Syrian militant groups could take base in their country. This would also cause more violence. Many of the countries surrounding Syria worry about their weakened borders due to the amount of refugees fleeing into their country. This is represented by the apples being rotten mainly on their borders with the most rotten apple in the basket.

In conclusion, the purpose of this drawing is to connect the common phenomenon, one rotten apple spoils the bag, to how war-ridden countries affect the countries that surround them. This effect became more evident as more research was done. There is never only one country involved in the war. Once one country gets violent, the violence spreads to the other countries around it.

Falling Apart

By Jordan winkler

We have to leave soon

They said to prepare for the worst

All I can do is stare at the moon and hope for it to be over

But it all seems like my life is cursed

As the deafening news bursts

I can feel the hurt in everyone's heart

Everyone is together and too scared to be apart

No one will be going home anymore

We all have to endure the pain

Even when our brain wants to give up

We have to stay in the game

They said it will be over soon

I can't believe all that I have lost

My heart has taken a beating

Nothing that can compare to the dreadful loss

My life will forever be fallen apart


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