My Fabulous Trip at FLMNH BY:ZHEQI HU

Nature on Display: The rearing Lab next to the butterfly rainforest is particularly appealing to me because the glass wall is transparent so that I could see what's going on inside the lab. A knowledge board is standing in front of the wall, showing all the procedures of raising butterflies in the lab. I had never had a chance to see the whole process of bring a life of butterfly before, so this experience makes me feel appreciated and overwhelmed. I felt that I could actually touch what I only experienced from a book or a TV emission. FLMNH gives me the chance to see and feel the initiation of the life, and enable me to see the beauty of nature.

Nature and Ethics: the butterfly rainforest in the Natural History Museum provides me a great way to enjoy Leopold's words. It acts as a closed artificial ecosystem in which butterflies from rainforest could survive and appear their living pattern to visitors. When I first come in, I felt the humidity and the higher than normal temperature. After taking a deep breath of moisture and the smell of tropical plants, I felt like I was also part of this biotic community, actually dancing with those butterflies inside the leaves and singing along with those cute birds. I immediately fell in love with the rainforest and those beautiful butterflies dancing under the sun. Many butterflies in this biotic community are rare, some of them even lost their habitats and can only survive in artificial habitats made by human beings. As one of human beings, I felt the responsibilities to protect, love and respect those beautiful creatures and protect our environment.

Nature and Human Spirit: In FLMNH, I had a great time seeing lives of butterflies and the mystery of many creatures. After this trip, I feel the deep admiration toward the nature and life. Human beings are the most curious creature on the planet, we dig deeper and deeper to many aspects of knowledge and trying to understand better about the world around us. We might have made many mistakes to hurt and even extinguish many specious on the planet, we might have made lots of destructions to our environment, but we never stop appreciating what we have and trying to make the planet better. And we never stop our curiosity and scientific spirit. The world will be better in our hand.

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