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Aminata Touré is a afrogerman parliamentarian and is 26 years old. Two years ago she decided to run for office as the youngest black female member of her state government, the Schleswig-Holstein parliament (Germany) / Die Grünen party. In the state parliamentary group she is the spokeswoman for refugees, migration, women's policy and equality as well as consumer protection. Yesterday , she was elected as the country Vice President of the german state: Schleswig-Holstein. Aminata was one of the first person to interview and I enjoyed it. Now, grab your snack and a drink to dive in !

HOLD UP ! But what is “Die Grünen Party” ? Bündnis 90/Die Grünen , which means the Green Party, it is a political party in Germany. It focuses on environmental policy. The guiding principle of "green policy" is ecological, economic and social sustainability.

In West Germany and West Berlin, the Green Party,was founded in Karlsruhe on 12-13 January 1980, originated from the anti-nuclear and environmental movement, the New Social Movements and the peace movement .

What in the ”Schleswig-Holstein“ ??

Schleswig-Holstein is a parliamentary republic and a partly sovereign member state of the Federal Republic of Germany. The state capital and largest city in the state is the city of Kiel; other major centres are the city of Lübeck and the medium-sized towns of Flensburg and Neumünster.

The northest north of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein (marked in red). Source: Google Pictures
The city of Kiel by night. Source: Google pictures

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Credits: Sven Wied

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CHAPTER : Sports

Sport is a culture that we all know and some people would literally die for . Perfect examples : Soccer, Football and Basketball. They live by #ballislife . But there are few , whose passion has nothing to do with a ball. Like Alexandra Ndolo. Her sport discipline is fencing.

Credits: Uxkull-Gyllenband

Touché ! Somebody felt that motivational quote on another level !

She started athletics at the age of four and at the age of nine years with the Modern Pentathlon. As one of the five disciplines, she discovered her passion for the Fencing. The combination of athleticism, dynamism and strategy awakened immediately captivated her interest and attention. Soon fencing became one of its strongest disciplines in modern pentathlon. In 2006 Alexandra decided to finally focus on épée fencing. In the course of this she moved to Bonn in 2007 and has been training with Manfred Kaspar and Dirk Schiffler. It is continuously improving on the fencing track as well as in the rankings and since 2010 is part of the of the B squad of the German women's swords national team.

Alexandra Ndolo grew up in Bayreuth ( The city of Bayreuth is located in Upper Franconia in Bavaria-South Germany) as the daughter of a Polish mother and a Kenyan father. During her school years she learned to play piano and violin. In the eleventh grade she was an exchange student in the U.S, where she took part in the Arizona State Championships as a member of the swimming, athletics and basketball teams.

Credits: Uxkull-Gylenband
Credits: Uxkull-Gyllenband
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The unsolved mystery: The origin of fencing

Western way of fencing. Source: Google Pictures

The oldest surviving manual on western swordsmanship dates to around 1300, although historical references date fencing schools back to the 12th century. Modern fencing originated in the 18th century in the Italian school of fencing of the Renaissance, and, under their influence, was improved by the French school.

This relief detail in the tomb of Kheruef shows stick dancers who perform on the occasion of the Third Jubilee (heb sed) festival of Amenhotep III (in year 37 of his reign). Stick dances are nowadays still performed in Upper Egypt( now called Tahtib) . Kheruef was steward of Queen Tiy, the wife of Amenhotep III, and played an important role during festivals. His (unfinished) tomb (TT 192) can be found in the Asasif Necropolis on the Westbank at Luxor. It is one of the socalled "Tombs of the Nobles". Photo Mick Palarczyk and Paul Smit

All I can say is , that history is being told from different cultures , different geographical locations and with different intentions. Over time different social groups interpret in their own understanding and also paraphrases stories . Narratives are different, because of the lack of information . Just the same bottle with different labels.


One thing about music is , when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley

Here is Abby Chams from Tanzania 🇹🇿. She is a very talented musician and before you read her interview. She is also the first young generation in Black Pepper Magazine ! Get a first impression of her ...YouTube @Abby Chams

Amazing, right? Ladies and Gentlemen, Abby Chams !

What a fun experience! She is intelligent, talented and we wish you all the best 🖤 This is just the beginning.
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There is more! Now let’s travel to France 🇫🇷. He is THE upcoming french singer . After you hear his voice , you will put him on your playlist ASAP .

Let us introduce to you. TAYC

Tayc, whose real name is Julien Bouadjie, is an artist, singer of RNB/Soul and French urban pop. His parents are from Cameroun (Central Africa).

Tayc with his parents in one of his hit single “Ewondo où Bami”

Enjoy his newest single “C’est lui” , which means ‘It’s him’ . It talks about a young man, who thought was in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, but apparently she has been hiding something from him.

If you post an instagram story singing this song, you might get reposted on his IG ! So , what you’re waiting for? Instagram @taycofficiel | Twitter: @TaycOfficiel | Snapchat @tay.kee | Facebook @Tayc | YouTube: Tayc | Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/7gU9VyFRN3JWPJ5oHOil60?si=z17xp7oVTS2euq7SuPQdVA

ANOTHER ONE : Let’s travel to the Netherlands 🇳🇱. ZOLANA is passionate singer and dancer . Her origins are from DRCongo (Central Africa) & Angola (More in South Africa right beneath Congo)


Being woman is a blessing. It comes with easy tasks but also challenges. Being a mother is great , although not self-evident . A heavy stone is thrown at you, when you do it at your own pace. Defamations like ‘Your career is over’ / ‘Why didn’t you wait ?’ / ‘You will never be able to succeed with a kid’ / ‘You’re a bad mother’ . You name it. Ria is a great example, even during her pregnancy she was STILL working . Determination got her where she is now. A TV-presenter at BBC along with her own platform, called WONDERWOMENTV . You know what’s even greater? Her story continues.

Ria interviewing Idris Elba for SceneTV . Source: SceneTV


That’s right ! We discovered Samuella through Instagram and the way she cooks, is so satisfying and looks like you just want to eat your entire phone ! We have to interview her. Let’s go

Source: neworleans.com
Just copy this picture and do it yourself . Thank us later


Introduction by Rosalyn, official publicist by BlackPepperMagazine.

Language, words, and writing are how you make your ideas thoughts and beliefs physically real. We have discovered that you can bring your beliefs into the physical world using the power of words. The power of the tongue is limitless, Yet we have a responsibility to have control over this power.

The power of words can actually change your reality We should learn how to use this to our benefit.

Our beliefs and thoughts around them will influence what we manifest in our lives. However, one postulate that the true strength lay in our words. Our words render strong affirmations of our deepest thoughts and feelings. They are a testimony to your whole world of how you see and feel of your life, yourself and others people and things. These potent affirmations or intentions we set using these words is what enables our thoughts to manifest into the physical world, our reality. The sad thing about this is; knowing and we still choose to misuse our most powerful tool of creation.

Do really want to continue to create the reality that is filled with negative beliefs about your life or yourself. So why encourage it with negative words.

Begin to consciously select the words that empower you and others.

When you use these two little words “I Am” they contain an amazing power. How you choose to end the sentence ‘I am…’ represents what you feel about who you are to all those in earshot.

Choose your words kindly from love, boldly from caring, and consciously from Spirit. Speaking from a place of true love for yourself and for others will create the reality that you and everyone dream about.

Remember, You are in constant spiritual communication, nonverbal, whether you acknowledge it or not. So you may want to think twice before using the gift of speaking. The spiritual message is always clear. The power of the tongue is limitless yet regardless of what you say, you emit the energy vibration of your thoughts. Your words make your reality. Your worlds are the stage for your journey. In conversation always be aware, on some level.

Peace to all who desire a peaceful life and a better tomorrow.

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The transformation of thinking about an idea and actually realizing it. Is still underestimated and just absurdly utopian. But Nana Addison proved that it’s possible. She dropped out of uni and wanted to crack the code to successful entrepreneurship. She succeeded. In just one year she build up her company along with her friend . On top of that she is the Founder of CURLCon. Germany's Afro Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty Convention. One of the first event with a big program like panel discussions, keynotes, hair & beauty masterclasses and workshops. The CURL Convention serves the Afro Diaspora in the DACH-region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Photographer: Philipp Primus

BP:What motivated you to start and bring CURL to life?

NANA : Haircare was my most hated part of growing up. I hated everything about it, from combing to the chemical relaxers my mom used. As a teenager I was watching MTV as everyone else and saw African American celebs with the most amazing hairstyles. Yet no one in Germany was able to provide the needed products or expertise to style my hair that way. As I grew older I worked and traveled to the UK a lot and there I got to experience what it is like having access to a vast amount of products and hair professionals for Black & Brown people. And I could see and feel how that affected my sense of confidence and identity. Hair is there to play, but it is also a part of your body and a vital way of self expression, especially as aBlack & Brown person living in a predominantly white society. The fact that I had no access like my friends in the UK or as I traveled more the US, made me realize that it made me and most Black/Brown people feel insignificant - like we and our everyday bodycare needs do not matter.I wanted to change that and make sure Black & Brown people become as visible and relevant to the Hair & Beauty consumer market in Germany as any other consumer group.

BP: When did that process start?

NANA: It started at a workshop day in Frankfurt in 2013 called “Rock Your Curls Academy”.Me and my older sister Pam participated there and one instructor “Felicia Letherwood” really impactedme in regards to embracing my hair in its entirety and allowing myself to explore my hair instead of trying to “tame” it. A lot of people that were present that day are now quite popular MUA or Hair Stylists for Black and Brown People in Germany. So I like to say that Workshop was a catalyst for many of us.I just never wanted to be a Hair or Beauty Professional. I was always interested in Entrepreneurship and Creative Businesses. I dropped out of Uni and started my first company Addison Green in my early twenties. CURL was always on my mind but I had no clue how to make what was in my head reality YET. So while I was running my business in the area of brand strategy, events and tec, I also continuously was concepting around how I could create a business that supports Hair or Beauty Professional and connects consumers with brands… The more I learned in my day to day business the more it shaped my understanding of how I could make CURL. So yes it was a process indeed.In general I believe every experience will be useful at another stage or area of life.

BP: How can one imagine this process of starting your own business in Germany, especially as an Afro German woman?

NANA: Though I started conception of CURL and business planning 5 years ago, CURL as a LLC is very young. I launched CURL in 2018 and legally founded the CURL LLC in 2019. So in regards to the procedure its like founding any other small business. In regards to the experience as a black woman in the business world, well it has its challenges but also its advantages.

BP: Why do you think CURL is so important for the Afro Diaspora in Germany?

NANA: There is a big market of customers in the Black & Brown hair and beauty care market in Germany & DACH. Today in 2019 the market however is almost untouched. So there is huge opportunity for the people of that very customer target audience to not only consume but also participate and benefit of that vast growing market and demand. There is not only mental and emotional empowerment but also economic empowerment. And I believe CURL is one example for that and will serve as a blueprint I hope.

BP: Is there any life-changing advice you’ve been given that is contributing to your success now ?

NANA: 1) Do not take advice from people that have never been to where you are going .2) DO NOT MAKE EMPTY PROMISES - NEVER. 3) Tell the truth. If you can do it ALWAYS! 4) Doubters are often times not doubting you but projecting their self-doubt onto you. 5) Actions speak louder than words. You must differentiate between what people say and what they do. Meaning take what people say into consideration (intention) but asses them by what they do (action).

BP: What challenges do you face as a black female entrepreneur in Germany?

NANA: Resources. Most investors are white man. They don't understand the world or mind or market of blackpeople. and usually underestimate women. So it’s harder to convince them of investing in your business.Most black women therefore have to bootstrap their business which can be very draining.

BP: What do you do to have a healthy work-life balance?

NANA : I don’t like balance in work and life. I like a rhythm. Sometimes it’s high tempo and sometimes it’s slowmotion. One must adjust or adapt rather than trying to force a cookie cutter process.Openness and flexibility towards change is the most important skill to have as a human I am learning more and more. And I am a very process and control type of person. So when I say learning I mean learning...

BP: ”Fail to succeed“ can you please explain your thoughts on that ?

NANA : LOL I can’t. I think that’s a very privileged way of thinking.Failing to succeed is okay if you fail soft. But as a first gen millennial immigrant black woman entrepreneur failing means landing really hard. So it is almost not a option or a risk one must be conscious of and willing to take. I did the latter, “failed” went bankrupt and had to start all over again…It’s not pretty so I would never want to romanticize it. If you are not willing to start all over DON’T take crazy risks if you don’t have a soft cushion to fall onto. But if you do, I dare you to take LOADS of risks.

BP: What will be the program of CURL? And how can our readers purchase tickets?

NANA: CURL serves as B2B- and B2C event platform where - besides the beauty brands and vendors - we will offer an interactive program consisting of Live Keynotes, Q&A sessions, Panel discussions, Style demos, DIY Workshops, Hair & Make-Up Masterclasses, a diverse Entertainment line-up and a big Afterparty. CURL is more than an Afro Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty Convention, it's an overall cultural experience with the goal to celebrate the diversity of the Afro Diaspora in the DACH region and empower each other on so many levels. It’s going to be an inclusive event setting where we’ll also create a kids corner, therefore families with kids are very much welcomed. So do not miss out this oneof a kind experience which will take place on September 28th at Säälchen in Berlin.

Tickets can be purchased on our website www.curlcon.de and our Eventbrite Ticket shop; the event can be found on Facebook as well. We also have a CURL Facebook group where we encourage anyone interested to join and get all the information about the program and other CURL related news at first hand. Of course you can also find us on Instagram and on top of that, people can subscribe to our weekly Newsletter via our homepage. At our third CURL Ambassador event, the whole CURL team - which consists of six Afro German women - held a panel where we discussed the Business model and motivation behind CURL and talked about the upcoming program at the CURL Convention in September as well. The panel was recorded by Afrobiz Germany: https://youtu.be/-qFE3Jc0x-w Instagram: @thecurlcon. Facebook: @thecurlcon Twitter: @thecurlcon


BP: Starting with your own quote : “Just a girl from the hood that was determined to change her destiny, so she did “ . Can you please elaborate, who that “girl” was?

MAHISHA: She was disenfranchised, impoverished without a guide or support for a better tomorrow. A dysfunctional cycle of poverty persisted in her family. She lived a life of despair, until she decided to change her destiny through education, and ultimately entrepreneurship.

BP: What is the one thing everyone loves about being independent but ignores to acknowledge before starting a business ?

MAHISHA: The amount of hard work, sacrifice, and sleepless nights that go into making a business successful.

BP: How did you manage being a mother , wife and your own boss at the same time?

MAHISHA: I still juggle AND struggle with being everything to everyone.I make the main thing(s) the main thing(s).

  • God first
  • Family second
  • Business third

BP: You’ve recently started ‘ Black Girls making Millions ‘ . Can you please tell us more about your project ?

MAHISHA: Black Girls Making Millions Academy was birthed after I wrapped up my show on the OWN network, “Mind Your Business with Mahisha.” I helped women entrepreneurs achieve success…so I decided to bring the show to life. 9 months later we kicked off the 1st annual Black Girls Making Millions Academy.

Now you have one thing to do . Follow her and Be inspired. Her Haircare Products:https://www.curls.biz/ | Website:https://www.blackgirlsmakingmillions.com/ | On all social media platform @mahishadellinger