The Student-Athlete Community Elijah Birdsong, Robert Lokey, Mark shafer

Descriptive Essay

The student-athlete community may appear as appealing, but it is not until one is apart of it and experiences the dedication which it requires that they realize it is not fit for all people. There are a tremendous amount of physical and emotional tolls put on students through their high school and college years. Management is huge: staying on top of one’s school work and making sure their grades are kept up with the burden of trying to stay healthy, practiced, and prepared for whatever sport is in season.

A question one must ask their self is if they are okay with having sleepless nights and early mornings regardless of what may be going on that day. There will be nights full of practices that leave one no time to study for an exam the next day; so they have to stay up all night. Then they have an early morning class or practice. Aside from the glory and the pride of athletics and academics, the life of a student-athlete can be grim. One’s responsibilities and expectations do not change due to their participation in athletics, they still hold the same amount of responsibilities as any other student in the classroom. The due dates are the same, the exams are the same, and the amount of work one is given is the same for student-athletes regardless of their busy schedule. It is a struggle to keep a balance between the classroom and the field, homework and practice, and studying for test day and preparing for game day. A coach expects just as much time and commitment as a teacher does, so if there is a big game coming up, coach will expect a lot of time and effort to be put in prior to game day. Same for a in the classroom when a big test is near, the teacher will expect studying and preparation for the test in the meantime. In order to bring to the plate what a coach demands and a teacher expects, time management and balance is required. If more focus and commitment is on one responsibility, then less attention will be on the other; which will lead to a poor performance.

There are a great amount of consequences that come with lack of preparation and effort in the classroom and on the field. If one’s grades begin to drop, they will not be able to play in games and or temporarily taken off the team. As for the other side, if a coach is unpleased with a player’s performance then that can compromise their playing time and spot on the team. Also, lack of work and practice can put an athlete at risk of injury due to failure of preparation. There are many burdens and disadvantages to being a student-athlete as the two lifestyles bump heads. But regardless of the sacrifice and wear and tear on a student, the student-athlete life is a blessing.


Our first interviewee is my sister Taylor Lokey , who is currently a student at Sacramento State University where she plays recreational volleyball. She has agreed to answer a few of our questions regarding our English class Community Project.

1.) Q: How important is your comfortability with your fellow student athletes?

A: It’s very important to build chemistry with your student athletes in and out of the gym the more comfortable you are the easy things flow in game situations.

2.) Q: How have you been able to manage a social life outside of school and sports?

A: It’s honestly no time to focus on my social life, my main focus at the moment are my studies and extracurricular activities.

3.) Q: What is your biggest challenge, and how do you overcome these obstacles ?

A: My biggest challenge is managing my time wisely. Time goes by really fast so I try to make the most of it while I can

4.) Q: What was the best advice you were given ?

A: Honestly the best advice I’ve gotten is to just trust the process and hopefully I can attain my goals.

Well that concludes our interview, thank you for your time.

Hey, this is Taj and I will be interviewing my dad. He has been a basketball coach for 17 years and knows about the hard work that must be put into the life of a student-athlete.

1.) Q: What sacrifices must a student-athlete give up the most?

A: Their social life.

2.) Q: What is the biggest challenge you see student-athletes face?

A: Managing their grades during sports seasons.

3.) What advice would you give your players that no one ever gave you?

A: That girls will always be there.

This is Elijah Birdsong and I will be interviewing my friend who plays baseball and attends Benicia High School.

1.) Q: Do you understand the commitments and sacrifices it takes to be a student-athlete?

A: Yeah, it's not easy at all. Making sure your grades are up but still having to give your coaches 100% is tough.

2.) Q: What is more important to you, your academics or baseball?

A: I would have to say academics because with academics there are way more opportunities that can lead to many more things.

3.) Q: Have you ever been temporarily taken off of your sport team due to poor grades?

A: No, I have not personally but I have had teammates that did and I would never want to have to face that.

4.) Q: What is one thing about being a student-athlete that you do enjoy, aside from the difficulty?

A: Being a student-athlete is great, I get to play the sport I love and get free education.


Being a student-athlete is like being a super hero, having two identities that must balance each other out. Much like a student that must take care of what they need to in the classroom as well as on the field, a super hero must take care of their super duties as well as keep their identity protected. A good example is Superman, he is a news paper man by the name of Clark Kent, but his secret identity and hero form is Superman. He is this ordinary man that lives the day by day life just as every other human, but he has this super human form that he uses to save the world and fight against evil. The double identity life takes great responsibility and skill which are two traits that both student-athletes and super heroes obtain.

Thank you for watching and listening to our Student-Athlete portfolio!


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