My Childhood Edyta Bartoszek

My childhood was filled with activities. I attended polish school from kindergarten to freshman year, I was in two different dance classes, one was from kindergarten to about 6th grade and the other was from 4th grade to 8th grade. I was also involved in many different classes, but those didn't last long, for example I joined band in 6th grade and I was in it for about 3 months and I was in choir for about 5 months. Aside from all the activities, I traveled a bit. I have been to Poland 3 times, and Iv'e been to Florida almost every year since I was 7. My fondest memory is traveling. In Poland, I have spent most of my time visiting family, and visiting all the beautiful landmarks, and museums. In Florida, I have visited family, I went to Universal Studies and Disney World, and of course I have been to the beach a million times. As a child, I wasn't a big reader, I only read the books that were required to read in school, that hasn't changed. As for TV shows and movies, I mostly watched Disney Channel, and I really enjoyed princess movies as well. Overall, I think my favorite sport was dance, I enjoyed learning new routines and I loved performing them.

2 year old cousin Noelle
5 year old nephew Adrian
Cinderella's Castle at Disney World, one of my fondest memories.

"CHILDHOOD IS CRUCIAL". To me this means that children deserve to have fun and do fun activities before they grow up and have to stress over school work and having a job. During childhood, children are able to be carefree and careless, they don't have anything they need to worry about during this time. During this stage in their life, children are able to have fun, and do fun activities which will create amazing memories they will remember forever.

STUDY OF CHILDHOOD AND CHILDREN. I believe that past generations of doctors and theorists have studied children because that is when you develop the most. To elaborate, I believe that during childhood, kids develop their personality, and they also grow the most while they are kids. Doctors most likely study children to track their growth, to monitor their health and behavior. Another reason why all these doctors study children is because they may show some kind of behavior that could show what they will be like once they grow up.

Why doctors study children and their childhood.

WHY CHILD DEVELOPMENT?? I decided to take child development because I hope to become a pediatric nurse/doctor or a neonatal nurse practitioner. I also love kids, a have a 5 year old cousin that I adore and a 2 year old cousin that is adorable, and I always have a blast with them. I also heard from a couple people that you get to play with kids in this class and I was very interested. Overall, I think children and the cutest things in the world (when they don't cry) because they are so innocent and funny.

Start video at 1:00. This video shows the life of a neonatal nurse.


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