Tattoos on the Heart By Jared

Chapter 3 Compassion

Chapter 3 focuses on the gangsters Father Gregory Boyle works with coming to understand what Commpassion is. My favorite story in this chapter is the one where father Greg got Anthony a job. He met with Anthony through his parole officer. He was a kid abandoned by his parents due to drug abuse and time in jail. Greg talked with him and found out that he wanted to be a mechanic. He talked with Dennis and begged him to give Anthony a job.

Chapter 5 is entitled Slow Work. To me it means that to make a change it will take slow hard work. My favorite story in this chapter is the one about Joey. Joey is a homeboy who would sell drugs for money. He walks into Father Gregs office to tell him he got a job. When Greg asked what motivated him to get a job he say that he will become a father in two months.

Chapter 8 is entitled Success. Success to me means accomplishing a goal that is special to you. Whether it be winning a game, being popular, or having a great job success comes in many ways. The saddest story in this chapter is about a homies named Manny. Manny was in the area to get groceries and father Greg sees him. He tells him to get out of the neighborhood because it may not be safe for him. Manny would be starting college soon and Greg wanted him to be safe so he could go to college and get a good job. But when he is getting groceries some rivals of his open fire and kill him.

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